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Hi everyone

I am in desperate need of some help.

I plugged my iPhone into my PC today and iTunes wouldn't detect it, no matter what I tried. All iTunes would do was freeze for 5 or so minutes and then return the error "iTunes cannot read the contents of this iPhone, please restore etc."

I have come across this error before but have gotten around it by restarting iTunes or unplugging and replugging in the iPhone. This time I couldn't get past the error.

So eventually I became frustrated with the fact and decided to restore my iPhone. BIG mistake as once it had restored it needed reactivation and iTunes still would not detect it no matter what I tried.

So I took it to my brothers PC, had him install iTunes (the same version as me, the latest 64bit version) and it had no problem detecting and reactivating the iPhone.

Then the problem became that I had my iPhone activated but my own iTunes would still not detect it so I've lost all my contacts/apps etc. without the possibility of restoring from the last backup.

So my iPhone, in it's current state is if it was just activated, completely empty otherwise.

Oddly enough, Windows has no issue detecting the iPhone with autorun popping up asking me to import photos etc. every time so this leads me to believe there's an underlying issue with iTunes which is weird as I have not changed my iTunes at all in the past week and had no issues syncing etc. a few days ago.

- Reinstalling iTunes (numerous times)
- Using different versions of iTunes
- The various different fixes found via Google
- 6 different USB ports
- 4 different USB cables

- Girlfriends 3GS doesn't get detected in iTunes either but Windows has no issue
- The fact it detected on another PC

Win7 Pro x64 and my rig is pretty high spec so I can't see there being an issue there.

Let me know if there's anything you need to know.

All suggestions welcome and appreciated.

iPhone 4 (OS 4.1), Windows 7
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    I;m having the same problem and have no idea what to do. Have you tried calling setting up an appointment with Apple?
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    Try DFU mode.
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    I had a connecting problem.. Plugged my phone in and started iTunes and..NOTHING.

    I switched to a different usb port and had to jiggle my cable a bit and I'm good to go.

    Try a diff. cable and another usb slot

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    I've had this problem also.

    Quit iTunes and disconnect the iPhone from your PC.

    Go to control panel (I assume you run Windows), start Add/Remove Programms and de-install the 'Bonjour' service/application.

    Re-start your PC.

    Connect your iPhone.

    Windows will re-detect it and re-install driver software for it.

    Now start iTunes.

    It should recognize your iPhone again.


    Kind regards



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    I've had this issue before as well. I think it has to do with 64bit Win 7. Most times I would connect my iPhone to it, it would automatically load iTunes, but it would just freeze and do nothing. I've since reinstalled my OS to 32bit and don't seem to have as many problems.


    You can try this... seemed to get it connected for me when I had issues. Not sure if this is how you attempted to fix it before, so I'll say it just in case.


    1. Plug iPhone in and let it load iTunes. When it freezes...
    2. Unplug phone, close iTunes. Open windows Services panel, and do the following in this order:
            1. Stop the "iPod Service"
            2. Stop the "Apple Mobile Device" service
            3. Wait a few seconds, then Start the "Apple Mobile Device" service. Leave the other service stopped.
    3. Plug in the iPhone. Hopefully works after this.
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    Here is the fix:


    1. If frozen iTunes is open and iPhone is connected, right-click the task bar and select Start Task Manager.

    2. Click on the Processes tab.

    3. Look for the process distnoted.exe *32 entry.

    4. Right-click and select End Process.

    5. iTunes will now unfreeze.

    6. Close iTunes and disconnect iPhone. Wait 15 seconds.

    7. Reconnect iPhone. iTunes will launch automaticallly like it should and your iPhone will begin to sync like it should.


    There appears to be an incompatibility issue with Apple's distnoted.exe process and maybe 64-bit OS's. All I know is that this works everytime although there doesn't appear to be a permanent fix to this issue. You may have to repeat these steps everytime you reboot your computer or update iTunes.