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Hi guys,

thanks to your help I just solved my ATV audio problem (bought an "optical to RCA converter"). It cost me $130 but audio works fine now.

Unfortunately I am facing a new, serious problem now:

After watching a few movie previews (video&audio quality perfect), I decided to rent a movie. Then I received the "This content requires HDCP for playback" error message...

After doing a little research here, it seems that DVI doesn't support HDCP and I am screwed once again..:-(

As mentioned in my previous audio thread, I have a Sony flatscreen which doesn't have a HDMI connection. Therefore I am using the DVI connection and an adapter like this one:


I am close to giving up and reselling the ATV now, but after you guys helped me solving the audio problem (after Apple support said there is no solution), I chose to ask you again:

Is there any solution to watch a movie using the DVI connection???

Your help is highly appreciated!!!

Thanks a million,