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I had $30 and some odd cents earlier today in my iTunes account, which was all from redeemed gift cards. I talked to my professor today (I'm a jazz studies major) and he recommended I buy two albums.

When I logged into iTunes today it still showed that I had $30 and some cents so I went to purchase one of the albums ($7.99 Stanley Turrentine's "Look Out!"). It asked me to provide my account password as usual, so I entered it and submitted. A message popped up asking if I was sure I wanted to buy it and I hit yes. At some point, my balance had changed to read $8.09?!?!

I didn't know what to do, and the purchase was already taking place. My balance then dropped to $1.09 where it has been ever since.

Do gift cards depreciate in value or something? I have no idea what happened, but it would be great to get my money back.

HP a6030n, Windows Vista, Rebuilt a while ago, so it's got a new mobo (MSI), CPU (i5-760), RAM etc
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    Do gift cards depreciate in value or something

    -> Seeing your iTunes Store purchase history and order numbers
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    Expanding on what Chris advised, go to the Purchase History and review your purchases to make sure that you should indeed have a higher balance left. iTunes doesn't always refresh the balance it shows, so it's possible you spent the money and it just wasn't being reflected in the display. This display error can usually be corrected by logging out of the iTunes Store and then back in.

    If you confirm that you should have balance left but the iTunes Store isn't showing it correctly, send a message to the iTunes Store customer service department through the contact form you'll find by selecting the most applicable section of their Support page (select the category and subcategory closest to the issue you're reporting and you'll find either an "Express Lane" button - just follow the instructions to get to the contact form - or an "Email Us" button) and explain the problem to them.

    Good luck.
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    For me the difference of account balance was due of 43€ of fraudulent purchases.
    Try fto look on your history to know what are les last purchase made with your account.

    for me 2 fraudulent purchases and already waiting from apple to reply my request.
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    Thanks for the input so far. I looked through my order history and found some stuff that I never bought back in Feb 2009. Not sure if they have anything to do with it, as I HAD a balanced displaying at just over $30, but thought I'd report them anyways.

    I'll have to send an email to support.
    Thanks everyone.
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    My credit on my itune was gone too. Then I checked history, I found that somebody else accessed my account and spent all my money buying application (games). I don't know what to do.
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    iMobster + favor points for exemple ?

    I wasn't on my computer neither on my iPhone but my account was debited for 39,99€ + 7,98€ on one night for an application that is not on my computer or iPhone ?!

    Just emailed itunes store support but no reply yet.

    There are cheated iTunes card ???
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    Yes!! The hacker purchased very expensive games and other app. Moreover, they puchased something for iPad which I don't have it
    I'm waiting for iTunes support reply my email too.
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    Exactly the same here, account emptied with £11.99 purchases. Just glad my credit card is not linked to my iTunes account!!!!!!!!!!