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I had $30 and some odd cents earlier today in my iTunes account, which was all from redeemed gift cards. I talked to my professor today (I'm a jazz studies major) and he recommended I buy two albums.

When I logged into iTunes today it still showed that I had $30 and some cents so I went to purchase one of the albums ($7.99 Stanley Turrentine's "Look Out!"). It asked me to provide my account password as usual, so I entered it and submitted. A message popped up asking if I was sure I wanted to buy it and I hit yes. At some point, my balance had changed to read $8.09?!?!

I didn't know what to do, and the purchase was already taking place. My balance then dropped to $1.09 where it has been ever since.

Do gift cards depreciate in value or something? I have no idea what happened, but it would be great to get my money back.

HP a6030n, Windows Vista, Rebuilt a while ago, so it's got a new mobo (MSI), CPU (i5-760), RAM etc