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How do I share Itunes on my windows 7 home group. I turned on my itunes homegroup share option and still i have nothing. I even shared my entire Itunes folder and library with my homegroup. Please help!!!!

HP Pavillion 2003, Windows 7
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    The issue is with Itunes - I am currently running version 10.1 on all my machines (very similar setup to yours).

    Itunes seems to think that a cabled computer (connected to router - RJ45)is not on the same network as any wireless machines (e.g. laptops).

    which is completely untrue as they are on the same network with the same subnet and all that.

    I found discovered this because if I ran two machines(wireless laptop and wireless PC) wirelessly, they can see each others Itunes libraries. If I connect my laptop via a cable and not wireless, the computer that is hard wired can see the laptop and vice versa.

    So with the current Itunes you have to either hard cable your whole network or run everything via wireless, if you want every computer to see your main Itunes library.

    What a pain in the ***, Come on apple!