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Ever since the update to 9.2, iTunes seems to have lost the ability to convert ID3 tags.

Prior to 9.2 (and obviously, 10.x) I would be able to add mp3s to my library, select all of the newly added tracks, then Control click and change all of my ID3 tags to NONE to strip it of any extraneous info, wait for iTunes to rescan everything, and then I'd re-convert my ID3 tags to 2.3.

Since the update(s), it'll allow you to go through the motions, but the tracks don't actually rescan. I'll try to convert to NONE and nothing happens.

This is an important function for me because I use iTunes in conjunction with Serato for DJing and sometimes Serato has trouble reading a track if the ID3 tag is an older version.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this merely an oversight by Apple's iTunes team or is there a known reason why this function was removed?

p.s. -- I have always been under the impression that you cannot change an ID3 tag from say, 2.1 to 2.3, without first converting the ID3 tag to NONE first. If this is no longer the case, can someone please enlighten me?

iMac [3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo], Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I have the same issue,
    and would like to hear from Apple officials
    if this is intended behavior or if they will bring
    this functionality back in a later release?


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    A rare but maddening problem, probably limited to older MP3 files,
    Mac/Windows MP3 files that do not play in iTunes but play in QuickTime

    There is a problem with some mp3 files not playing in iTunes
    because of the ID3 tag headers in the files. For Mac OS you
    can fix these files by processing them with XLD (X Lossless Decoder),
    a free download.

    1. Select the Input MP3 files
    2. Set the output format to MP3 Lame in the XLD preferences.
    3. Unless you select a directory for output different from input,
    the output file names will have a number added to the name.

    The selected files are processed on my machine at about 30x or
    about 2 minutes per hour of play time. I was unable to fix these
    files using right click->Get Info in iTunes.

    On my MacBook Pro , trying to run on of these problem MP3
    files, locked up iTunes. Force Quit on iTunes was not enough
    to get iTunes 10.1 to run again. I had to restart the machine.
    I think this is the first time I have ever had to restart my
    machine for a problem with an App. From my reading on the web,
    I can see this problem has existed at least since iTunes 7.x

    On Windows, you may be able to fix this problem using

    No need to throw away those bad MP3 files!
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    Dude, that's a sure way to loose sound quality.
    Process the tags in media rage, a lot faster and no messing with the actual sound.

    And, this thread is about a function broken in iTunes, its broken for all files, mp3, ALAC, AAC & AIFF. Nothing to do with old files...
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    There is a problem with some mp3 files not playing in iTunes because of the ID3 tag headers in the files. For Mac OS you can fix these files by processing them with XLD (X Lossless Decoder)

    Just use this -> MP3 Validator for Mac OS X
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    Co Sign to that, the validator have saved quite a few corrupte files for me.
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    There's an easy workaround to update tags. Select your files (cmd a), right click select get info. Change an unused tag field (I use Video field Show and enter a number). Press OK an all the tags will be updated.
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    Hey, a bit late, but since I don't see the correct answer here:

    other people might find this useful too:


    Select the songs you want to convert.

    Control click (or Right-click) on your selection, and choose "convert ID3 tags" from the popup window

    check ID3 version and choose v2.4 or whatever version you want

    press enter



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    Ugh, I have the same problem with thousands of files. Best I can tell from web research is that it's a compliance issue from Apple's end (see http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues).  It seems it's not at all realted to older mp3 files, as suggested above; however, it may be realted to the use of certain other players.  For example, tagging in older versions of Winamp, or in my case, Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2 (which is otherwise excellent for mass editing, but limited to about 5 or 6 id3 fields).


    @--A--C-- tired your solution.. it doesn't work

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    Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.