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I want to use my Time Capsule as a file server only I can't find it
on my computer.
I also want to access it if I'm not home.

What is the solution.

Dell Inspiron 1501, Windows XP
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    I'm in a similar boat with xp machine on a windows domain(for work).

    I can't find by browsing the network but I can connect to it if I supply the ip address of the time machine \\xxx.xxx.x.x\data

    When I set up the tc to allow guest access I can connect using the ip address but I'd rather not and use the TC password. Using the airport utility it finds the disk but when I supply the password it doesn't work

    When connecting via windows \\xxx.xxx.x.x\data and not as guest I need a username/password. I'm thinking if I knew the username i would use that and the time capsule password?

    Any idea what the username is? I'd really like to use the main user instead of setting up accounts on the time capsule.
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    what do you mean what data