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I've just moved up from a mid '07 iMac to a mid '10 Core i3 iMac. I have the wireless keyboard which I think was a mistake for me. I use startup command keys quite often and it seems as if the iMac won't recognize these key-presses faithfully.

Now, after applying the 10.6.5 combo last night, the iMac will not recognize them at all. I must have tried 20 times to bring up a boot device options menu, (command key during startup). The machine just won't recognize it. I've tried other keys during startup and they're not recognized at all either.

At least before the update, I was able to get about a 1 in 3 chance of it working, which is really poor. Now, I have no success.

I did put a call into Applecare about it. I wasn't aware that a standard aluminum wired keyboard was a 'no-cost' option, otherwise I would have gone with that.

Anyone use any 'tricks' to get this keyboard to be recognized during startup?


iMac 11,2 4gb RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Core i3 @ 3.06ghz