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I have yet to buy an Ipod Classic, but was looking at one recently as I was told they are fabulous.

Storage wise they certainly are.
But I was talking with a man in a main department store and needed to turn the volume down. I was scanning thru the albums at the time. I couldn't see how to do it.
I asked him, and he couldn't see how to do it.

I then went to a PC World store, and even she had to 'um and arr' a bit, before she finally remembered.

Whatever happened to the basic "up" "down" dial or buttons of units of years gone by?

Tell me: if you have 10 tracks queues up playing, and u are looking thru some lovely pics of your family on it.....HOW DO YOU TURN DOWN (OR UP) THE VOLUME?

Give me one simple step that does it.

Windows Vista
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    simon_a6 wrote:
    Volume Control: why no simple up/down button?

    Because the scroll wheel is trendier - why be boring?
    Becuase Apple wanted nice neat lines and minamalism.
    I could go on.
    Give me one simple step that does it.

    I'm afraid there isn't "one simple step". However, once (if) you own an iPod Classic, you'll find that it's second nature, really!

    To change the volume when looking at pictures, press-and-hold the Menu button until the screen returns to the Home screen. (Press-and-hold returns up through all the sub menus in one go.) From there, scroll down the menu list (turn the scroll wheel) to the *Now Playing* option (and select it) to see the *Now Playing* screen. Now you can change the volume using the scroll wheel - clockwise is volume up, anti-clockwise is volume down. From most menus, if you leave the wheel alone, after a short while the screen will darken and when you touch the wheel it will display the *Now Playing* screen straight away.

    I can imagine that you're now saying "that's a bit of a faff!" Well, maybe - but I have a Classic and I'm very happy with it. (I do also own an iPod Touch, which works differently, see below.)

    *Two things to note:* The reason why neither of the sales people you asked about the iPod could remember how to change volume is simple - they don't own an iPod Classic. My other point is that the iPod Touch does have volume up/down buttons. But the Touch is a different beast, you may find it doesn't do what you need or does more than you need.

    So all that said - yes, the iPod Classic is fabulous. It has large capacity (larger than the Touch too), it is easy to add music, remove music, create playlists, get Podcasts etc etc. I recommend it.

    Since I mentioned the iPod Touch, you'll possibly want to know (from me) why I wouldn't suggest that to you. Well, I'd recommend that too - but if you want large storage capacity, the Classic is for you. However, if you can sacrifice capacity because you want to add Apps to the Touch, check it out. (The Classic can have some games, but not "Apps".)

    If you have an Apple retail store near you, pay it a visit and the staff will be able to explain the various iPods to you.

    One more reason for recommending iPods - when you get stuck, post a quetsion on the iPod forum and you may well get a friendly, light-hearted answer that helps you.

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    My goodness, 6 lines of text to explain how to turn down the volume, are you joking?

    No.... "click the Up or Down on the left. Apple has made it simple for you."

    Instead, they have made it overly and unnecessarily complicated.

    The simple wheel is a terrific idea. The button in the middle is nice.

    You say that the guy in the shop didn't know how to turn down the volume because he didn't own one.
    For years and years and years, there have been cassette players, then it went to CD Players, and then mp3 Players. And every single device ever made has had that simple volume on the side. You didn't know to OWN one to know how to just "turn it down a bit".

    The rest of the device is great. But that to me is a complete flaw in the device. Hey, I even asked a good friend of mine that LOVES the ipod classic. And he had it in his hand, and kind of uummmed and arreed a bit to do it, when I put him in the position of looking at other files while music was playing.

    EVEN HE said Apple made a serious cockup when they didn't provide that one little thing!

    On the plus side, Apple have told me that if you don't touch the unit for about 30 seconds, it defaults to the Now Playing screen, at which point you don't need to touch anything, you just turn your thumb on the wheel.

    When I tried this, I found that when you are not looking at the device, ie. you are eyes-closed on a Plane, you turn it too much, or too little.

    Again - it's not a button that you can 'click click click' to get it just right without even thinking about 'turn the wheel... round you go..'.

    No, I'm not a fan. I wrote here to see if I was missing something. But I'm not.

    "Faff": yes, the simple things on this device are.
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    I agree with Phil (the fiend) that once you start using all of the features of the I-Pod classic, it comes 2nd nature. I have had one for a couple of years and I take it absolutely everywhere I go. whether my eyes are open or closed, I generally know what I'm doing when I spin the wheel. however, if you're not the type to explore and experiment with ALL of the features, there will be some confusion from time to time in figuring things out. maybe you can borrow your friends classic for a week or two and see just how easy it is.
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    There are probably lots of digital players out there with dedicated volume buttons. It sounds as if you should look for something better suited to your needs.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks everyone.
    The answer is clearly that it just doesn't have what all players usually have - a dedicated volume control.

    It is overly complicated.
    It should not taken two people to tell a new users to this device how to turn the flipping volume down.

    To transfer files? yes.
    To queue up a playlist? yes.
    To sync with your PC? yes.
    But to just turn the volume down? NO.

    My answer has been answered. Apple have gone for the complicated route for something that should have been one-click-simple.
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    As far as I'm aware the current generation of iPod Classic comes with, or at least supports, the same headphones with remote control & mic. that are used with the iPhone & iPod Touch. The remote control lets you adjust volume and play, pause, skip or rewind tracks. One button as requested...

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    True, tho they are never that good. That crackle a bit when you slide them sometimes too,.
    One button, like all, should be on the side. Simple! Don't over-complicate a nice looking device.
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    It's not a slide... it's three micro-switches. One for volume down, one for volume up. Center button does play/pause on a single-click, double-click for next track and the almost-impossible-to-time-correctly triple-click does rewind.

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    Micro Switches? Heavens how micro? They must be very tiny indeed.

    I did ask at John Lewis in the UK (major department store) and they showed me the earplugs, they had NO extra buttons on the cable.

    I stand by the daftness of it - no volume buttons on the side. They like to keep it looking simple: what could be more simple?!
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    simon_a6 wrote:
    It is overly complicated.

    That's your opinion (and you're entitled to have it), I politely disagree.
    It should not taken two people to tell a new users to this device how to turn the flipping volume down.

    So now you resent more than one person offering help?
    what could be more simple?!

    Well, two less buttons for a start!

    You know - the beauty of living in the UK is that you are entitled to your opinion and to make your own choices. Given all that you've said, in no uncertain terms, it does seem as though you should consider a more conventional mp3 player for your needs.

    Consequently, it's immaterial what we iPod lovers say, if you don't like it, don't buy one. You go your way and we'll go ours.

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    "So now you resent more than one person offering help?"
    Please explain how you came to that suggestion that I resent, or dislike more than one person helping.

    My point is that anyone using a new MP3 device should and I would say ALWAYS does, go straight to the side to adjust the volume. It's the natural position. Both those people went there. And both had to really going round in circles to find the volume.

    As I said: you are listening to a track, and looking thru other things on your device. The next track comes in and it's too loud... you wanna turn it down.

    You have to go to Menu either by holding or clicking it twice, turn the wheel to go down to Now Playing, and then turn the wheel again to turn it down. what a faff.

    What could be better than a UP/DOWN button on the side? Surely that is simpler, than NOT having two buttons.

    I can only assume here, without offence, that people who like Ipods like the faff. Or get use to the ways of doing these several-step process things.

    Someone here said you get use to it. That it becomes second nature. I'm very pleased for that person. Not sure quite why they should "get use to it"... or just use something they've probably had for years tho.
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    They should seriously add the volume buttons to the Classic.

    They could also make the Ipod touch with 128 GB of storage. Please