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Ok, first off, I know there are plenty of people who have found or stolen ipods. And I have done extensive research on restoring a locked unit. I want to restore it to factory defaults. I do not care about the original owner's stuff, and want it completely erased. I know it's next to impossible to believe every situation. But if you can lend some help, it would be appreciated.

Here is my situation:
I bought a busted ipod. I fixed the digitizer and the LCD. The passcode screen popped up. I contacted the seller, but have had no response. I have fully charged the battery

After several misses, it now says "Ipod is Disabled. Connect to iTunes", which from browsing these forums seems common.

Additional information:
I obviously do not have the original computer it was synced.
I have tried Restore mode, but it will not go into that mode.
I have tried DFU mode, but it will not go into that mode either.
When I connect it I do here an beep from my speakers, telling me it detects the device.
I have tried several jailbreak programs for Windows, and all state it will not go into DFU mode.
I have tried connecting it to both a Windows XP and Windows 7 machine.
I have shut the unit completely off, held both buttons until the Apple logo shows, and release the sleep button.
I have tried all combinations of button holding and ensured I held the home button after it boots for approximately 30 seconds. I have tried the hold both buttons and releasing the sleep button with it plugged into to my USB, and holding both buttons then plugging it in.

No matter what I do, I can not get this to restore.

All I want to do is completely erase the unit and restore it.

Can anyone help me, please?


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    I am in the exact same situation I bought a iPod Touch with a broken screen and got the screen replaced and now it comes up with iPod disabled . Connect to iTunes. I cant get it into DFU mode or to restore and the seller is nowhere to be found. There must be a way.