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  • JayOfTheFalls Level 1 (10 points)
    Correct that's what I've been telling folks. Their rebuttable is the first ATV did show up.
  • Jerry Hicklin1 Level 2 (180 points)
    When my G5 goes to sleep, the music stops on airplay, photos keep working but no music. Is that the way its supposed to work? Thought it would keep playing even in sleep mode. Thanks,
  • JayOfTheFalls Level 1 (10 points)
    Yes this is something I just recently found out: the only way to keep ATV running fully while your iTunes/computer are in sleep mode is to have (all Apple products) Airport and/or Timecapsule with a Mac computer. This will wake your iTunes and restore the ATV homeshare link. No such option for Windows users.

    As far as pictures still working (wallpapers, etc) in when your comp is in sleep, I believe the pics are cached or stored in the ATV (its not widely known, but ATV does have 8GB of storage. I assume this is to be able to 100% buffer and download even the biggest HD movie, like if you rent a movie you'll see the movie "loading" - this is stored temporarily so you can have a clean viewing experience).
  • Jerry Hicklin1 Level 2 (180 points)
    Good stuff, thanks. I have a network with a PC, G5, printer, apple tV all working on same network. Is the PC messing me up. Have the Apple G5 and 2nd gen. ATV so thought it would go. Apple monitor goes to sleep and no problem, but if the G5 goes, music stops.
  • Jerry Hicklin1 Level 2 (180 points)
    Guess I should have said I don't have an aircard in the G5, it is connected to the router by a cat cable.
  • JayOfTheFalls Level 1 (10 points)
    YW - I think the key to the network is having the Apple brand router, called Airport Express or Airport Extreme. No other type of router will work (including my NetGear router). Also, the Apple brand external hard drive, called Timecapsule will awaken if it's on the home network (with an Apple branded router and Mac of course), good for if your internal hard drive is full and you want to move your media to an external drive.

    It's a case where in order for us to have this great feature of having ATV wake iTunes, we need to have Apple's Airport type router and an Apple Mac. The computer can be hardwired w/Ethernet cable to the Airport Express router, so you're ok there if you don't need a wireless Mac. Check the Apple store it sells the Aiport routers (kinda expensive but I'm sure the quality is top notch).
    If you get that then you should be good to go!
  • Jerry Hicklin1 Level 2 (180 points)
    Thanks again, you have been a big help. Do I need to change out my net gear router or can I add the airport express to my current network? Express is $99 but the main router (base station) is $179.
  • JayOfTheFalls Level 1 (10 points)
    Good question and I get the 2 Airport products confused. Express is probably not good for you because it's not a true router like the Extreme is. The Extreme will replace your NetGear router, whereas the Express would not. I apologize for the previous post i mix the 2 devices up. Yes you need the $179 Extreme router. The Express is more limited and for audio HiFi and doesn't replace a true "home router" in the sense of the word. You have to ask, is it worth $179 to be able to wake iTunes? If you need a new router upgrade for 802.11n (the newest tech for wider wifi range and faster wifi speeds), then it might be worth it?
  • newagemac Level 2 (240 points)
    Jerry, make sure your router has the latest updates. I know Apple routers have no problem keeping the connection when your computer is sleep. Also on your G5 make sure "Wake for network access" is checkmarked under Settings > Energy Saver.
  • Coolgarriv Level 1 (0 points)
    I think I have it figured out. Basically I have to turn off the pc and the ATV. Turn on the ATV first and then the PC, then iTunes and it hooks up OK.

    Cant believe that Apple have such a temperamental product released to consumers, they are usually so good with stuff like this
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    So I bought and new appletv and have 3 computers. a vista Desktop with most of my media, a mac laptop, and a vista laptop. The 2 laptops show up fine on the appletv, when homesharing is activated however the desktop does not.... I then noticed that the desktop cannot see my 2 laptops' libraries through home sharing either??? Although the 2 laptops can see the shared library of the desktop, and play content from it.

    So, what would cause a computer with home sharing turned on, to be able to share a library to another computer, (not to the appletv mind you!!) but not be able to see the library of another computer with a shared library?

    it's driving me crazy! I just want to watch my media on my appletv! I've tried the firewall tricks, no dice. all 3 computers and appletv are wireless, same network, etc.
  • Jerome Del Ray Level 1 (65 points)
    The only way I can stream songs from my iMac iTunes TO my ATV2 is by turning on my iMac's built-in Airport.

    This makes no sense.

    My ATV2 connects to my Airport Express for Netflix and everything else BUT my iTunes collection of music.


    I'm just sharing in case this solution works for anybody.

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  • Don T Level 1 (20 points)
    Turned off QOS and tried again, but no luck. My problem is that when I'm turning home sharing on/off I can see it under Shared in the sidebar in iTunes when I try to turn it back on. Definitely using the only user name and password I use for iTunes and have put into the ATV2. As soon as I enter the password and get the next screen that says Home Sharing is now On and I click "Done" the Shared category just disappears in the sidebar.

    "Latest update I finally got ATV2 homeshare working again. Now it wasn't the 4.1 update, or a complete restore, or unplugging, turning HS on and off on the device and computer, restarting the computer, or opening the firewall ports on both the desktop and router as Apple troubleshoot describes, because none of that worked.

    What finally did the trick was going into my router, and turning off the QoS (quality of service) protocol. I had to turn it off completely, and voila! the homeshare lit right up.

    I hope this can help someone out there when "restarting and hoping for the best" doesn't work anymore"
  • Spider_mann Level 1 (0 points)
    I run into the same problem. I have a ASUS N13 router and a dell windows 7 pc. When I have my laptop on, I have no problem with the home sharing between the pc and the laptop. However, apple tv doesn't recognize either of the libraries(though it did initially when I set it up). I tried disabling the firewall (Norton) on my pc - dint help. No QoS is enabled on the router either.
  • JessieNYC Level 1 (0 points)
    No luck here with any of the fixes suggested.

    Since the last software update, AppleTV no longer recognizes my computer via HomeSharing. My HomeSharing is on, AppleTV (2nd gen) doesn't recognize it. I'm using a TimeCapsule as my wireless router.

    C'mon Apple - fix this! The AppleTV is much, much less useful and fun without the connection to iTunes.
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