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Running 10.6.5 on a Windows Server 2008

In the Sharing control panel, I have given my computer the name TIGERMASTER. I have File Sharing turned on, along with 'Share...AFP' and 'Share...SMB (Windows)', applied to my account.

What's strange is that when I browse my Windows network, I can see a bunch of other computers (other Macs and PCs), but my computer does not show up. Even stranger is that when I change the name of my computer to, for example, TURBO, TIGERMASTER shows up on the network! When I rename it back to TIGERMASTER, it disappears (and TURBO never appears).

I need this to work so that I can find my computer via its name and not IP so that I can remote control my work computer from home via VPN. (The IP addresses are constantly changing, so that sometimes the last noted IP is no longer used by my system.)

I sniffed around in the Network control panel as well, but didn't want to mess around too much. Might it be something in the Advanced >> WINS tab of the Network control panel?

MacBook Pro 17" - Early 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.4), MacPro Dual Xeon 2GHz / iPhone 4