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I installed Windows 7, 32 bit version, on a machine previously running XP. I believe that this problem started after the install.

I have an iPhone which I can connect to my wifes XP machine via USB, and if it has pictures in its Camera Roll, it shows up in Windows Explorer as iPhone, and I can copy pictures from the phone to the computer. It also shows up in DeviceManager as iPhone in Imaging Devices. This doesnt work when I connect the phone to my machine running Windows 7, also via USB.

On the Windows 7 machine, the phone can sync with iTunes just fine, but doesnt show up in Windows Explorer. In the Devices and Printers form, two devices are added when I connect the phone via USB - Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, and iPhone (the latter only shows up if I have my phone unlocked - that is, passcode entered). When I select the iPhone device, the Status says "Needs troubleshooting". I have run the Troubleshooting procedure (right click, Troubleshoot), and it indicates that "the driver for iPhone is not installed. Install the latest driver for the device". So, I select "Apply this fix". Installing device driver software pops up, and then a moment later "Device driver software was not successfully installed" pops up. It indicates the the driver was not found. Finally, Troubleshooting says it has completed, with the "iPhone doesn't have a driver" problem not fixed.

In DeviceManager, iPhone shows up under "Other devices", and has a yellow triangle with it. Trying to update the driver from here results in the same error - driver not found.

Other things I have tried: all the recommended actions in http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1538. Also, I have uninstalled iTunes and other Apple installed software (in the recommended order), and then reinstalled. I have run the Hardware and Drivers trouble shooting wizard (which came up with the same result as running the Troubleshoot procedure from Devices and Printers).

So, I am assuming that this missing iPhone driver is behind the problem of the device not showing up in Windows Explorer. If so, I dont seem to find any solution to getting the correct driver.

iPhone, iOS 4
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    I am having the exact same problem. I have tried all the steps with the exception of deleting my UDB drivers - I'm not about to do that for an iPhone and this obviously is not the problem. Apple - we need an update to this driver.
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    Having about the same issue.
    Since the last update of iTunes (to, I am totally unable to connect my iPhone (4, iOS 4.1) to my PC (HP Pavillion, Windows 7 build 7600).
    I had gotten kind of used to re-installing/updating/renewing the driver every once in a wile, e.g. when upgrading iOS, iTunes and/or the iPhone (so I evidently know how).
    Now it simply won't work.
    This is 'starting' to feel like me being treated like some second rate customer, since I am using a non-Apple PC.

    Come on Apple guys, go do your job and fix this driver into something that Windows 7 can recognise like valid. Everyone else can do it!
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    Out of sheer frustration, I retried to deinstall/install the iPhone driver.
    Did exactly the same as before, but lo! This time at least there was partial success. The driver installed and my iPhone is now again recognised by the Windows file system.
    This is, by the way, something I had in the past: doing exactly the same over and over again sometimes leads to some measure of inexplicable success.

    Down side: still no sign of recognition in the new iTunes. No restart, either of the program or the PC, alters this. Nor does reconnecting the iPhone.

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    Finally: found. Everithing works again.

    Look for the word [FIXED!!!]
    From thereon, you should be OK.

    Pfff, that was a bumpy road...

    Apple, please, next time CHECK if installation procedures finish ok, OK?
    You seem to have overlooked the fact that folder change places in a major OS upgrade, i.e.: from Windows XP to Windows 7. The iPhone driver simply didn't install...

    Man, this has cost me lots of time.

    To 'cdnfs', the one who found the solution: cheers!