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I have a job starting soon for making drawings in Brushes, then exporting them as JPGs. I would like to use Dropbox's shared folder system for this. However, the problems I am currently having are first, the Photos app's lack of a naming/ organizing system. Currently all my photos are dumped into a "Saved Photos" album. As I have never stored any photos in iPhoto, I am wondering if I create albums in iPhoto, then sync to my iPad, will I be able to sort my photos? Thanks.

Second, when I upload photos to Dropbox via the DB iPad app, the uploaded photos are named as "Photo #date #time". While annoying, if there was a way to rename them, it would be fine. Unfortunately, the only way to rename them is via Safari; the app does not support renaming or moving files. I understand this is a limation of the app, however, I need to be able to do this very soon. What am I wondering is if there is any image editing app (currently I use PS Express, then save the cropped images back to the photo album) that can upload to Dropbox in-app. i.e. PlainText for images. Urgent!


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