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After the latest iOS4 upgrade, my iPhone 3GS has been acting erratic.

Among the problems:

-when pressing the home screen to run an app, it launches other app instead, which is not even nearby, or it may move the screen to the next page

-in an app, when making a selection, for example pressing the Edit button, the phone may instead choose the Done button, or perform other unintended behaviors (eg. exiting from the app)

I have tried performing a restore but the problem remains.

I have also noticed that when I hook up the phone to the power charger, the phone may not unlock - the right arrow button would not follow my finger all the way across the screen.
I have to keep trying to swipe my finger across the screen multiple times until it finally unlocks successfully.
If I am already on the home screen, no app may launch or a wrong app launches instead.

This additional strange behavior diminishes a little bit if I unplug the power charger.

I have heard that upgrading to the latest iOS4 trashes older iPhones and my own experience has been very very frustrating and upsetting.

How can I get help?

Dell Optiplex 745, Windows 7
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    I am having this problem too.
    The battery life of the phone is shocking. When locked, the slide bar wont always slide - having looked at what is happening, it would appear it is like somebody pressing the screen in random places thus its not allowing the slide bar to move.

    When it stops, you can get into the phone, and then it randomly starts again - be it while playing a game, writing a text or making a call. The times I have had a full stream of text messages deleted without choice over the past 3 days is crazy.
    I have only been using the phone for 4 days... I think this is also why the battery drains quickly, as the phone is continually active due to the fault.

    Forums have indicated other users having this issue but there is no resolution other than Apple replacing the phone. Any help would be appreciated... Even if the solution is to take the phone to the Apple store to be replaced.
    Cheers all..