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While Tethered In Aperture 3 is there any way to leave/see the image on the camera memory card?

I review images while shooting as a client watches the images import into the computer.

This IS possible in Canon's EOS Utility but I do not see the corresponding preference in Aperture. Something like: "leave image on card during import."

Any thoughts? Thanks -- j

Canon 5D Mkii -- Aperture 3.1 -- Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 2.66 ghz i7 8gb ram
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (12,510 points)
    Not that I'm aware of from my limited experience with shooting tethered using Aperture (which otherwise works well, imho). Yours is a good suggestion: Use "Aperture→Provide Aperture Feedback" to let the Aperture team know. Be sure to mention why you want this functionality.
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    I have shot many times tethered (D700 with Ap 2 and perhaps earlier versions of A3. I recent got my camera repaired and they upgraded the firmware to version 1.0.2. Until very recently, the pictures were stored on both my CF card and were transfered to the computer. Now, I transfer to the computer but they are not simultaneously stored on the CF card as they once were.

    Any suggestions??
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    I saw Hasselblad's solution for tethered shooting, Phocus software, demonstrated the other day


    Very nice, really, very nice. This works with most DLSR's, and the new version being released allows for wireless sharing of the images on an iPad, allowing the client to sit to one side with the art director reviewing images in their own time.

    This is s piece of software designed for shooting tethered and behaves like it.

    Nice thing about it, it is free, just have to create a login.

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    @e2photo -- yeah, I can't believe this functionality has disappeared. On the Apple/Canon side, it could be that the software cannot distinguish between importing all the images on the card vs. tethered and importing just one image at a time. I don't know.

    @TonyGay -- thanks for the tip. I'll look into that software.

    Also, I posted this on another discussion forum on flickr, and someone there swears he can get this to work, but I haven't been able to do so. He suggests looking at the preferences of the Camera's proprietary software (Canon EOS Utility). There is a check box for "leave image on card" but it does not make a difference in my situation. Knowing the finicky nature of all these connections, it may be that I have to do things in a specific order, i.e. plug in camera, turn on power, set preference, or vice versa. I'm still trying.

    Cheers for the help -- jameel
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    On my Nikon D3, and previously on my D700 and D300, as long as I had a memory card in the camera, the files would write to the card [DSC_0001] and Aperture would get a copy on my Macbook Pro [DSC_0001(2)]. I am not sure if this is the case on Canon cameras. On older Nikon cameras, there is also a USB "type" where you can choose the USB protocol the camera uses. In the past, one of the modes worked with tethering and the other didn't. My D3 no longer has that USB option but check and see if you can change USB modes in your camera.

    I don't believe you can have the image pop up on the back of your screen while tethering. Can you do that in your EOS Utility? Your best bet might be to hook up a monitor for your client and use the mac for yourself.
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    Have your tried it recently with 10.6.5 and Aperture 3.1? Do you know the firmware of your D700? My firmware is 1.0.2

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (12,510 points)
    Tony -- many thanks for the heads-up and the link.

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    Hey Tony -- I downloaded the Phocus software. It looks interesting, but it looks like tethering only works with the Hasselblad cameras, not my Canon 5D mkII. You suggest otherwise in your post. Am I missing something?

    I do see that you can review CR2 files as well as Tiffs jpgs etc., but that would put me back using EOS Utility as the import application and then using Phocus to review. This is similar to my current Aperture Hot Folder setup, so no real improvement.

    Or maybe I'm not getting it. When you have a chance, let me know. Cheers -- jameel
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    Sorry it is possible the update has not been released yet, the functionality I mentioned was meant to be included in the update, just thought it would be out by now. Reading the blurb at present it only "supports" files from 150 DSLR's, so the tethering is still to come.

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    No problem at all Tony -- glad to know of the software -- and it makes me want a Hasselblad even more ...

    Cheers -- j
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    There is also Phase One's Capture One, I think the demo version will shoot tethered, but not process the files. Which you can do in Aperture. Most pro's I know shoot with Capture One, since it was one of the first packages (besides Canon software) to shoot tethered, and its really powerful tethered capture software. It DEFINITELY works with 5D mark 2, because its what I use on photoshoots...