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    I had the same problem and also had programs with system text that was impossible to read.  I deleted Segoeui.ttf fonts (all of them) and copied them from another computer (My laptop).  It said the files were there and asked if I wanted to overwrite.  I did and now EVERYTHING is working as it should.  If anyone has the same problem, try this.  It worked and thank you for the hint on this chat.  I use Windows 7 64.

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    Recently had the same issue with iTune 10.5.1 running on a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 3.  Font substitution didn't work, so I deleted the registry entries for Segoe UI, Segoe UI Bold, Segoe UI Bold Italic, and Segoe UI Italic.  Not sure what font is being substituted, but I can now see text on the Summary tab (and other tabs as well).  In my case it appeared that the Segoe fonts were once installed on my machine, but where no longer there.  Possibly removed by the applicaiton that put them there when it was uninstalled.

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    As of the 19/12/2011 your link to font fix worked on latest itunes on Windows 7 x64 and I just wish to thank you. robh11


    Many Thanks




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    Folks, I have a similar problem but I can see most of the text.  However, it is cut off in some places, its not quite right.  For example when I plug in my iphone and go to the summary tab, it shows one of the options at the bottom like this "Sync with this iPhone over..." !!! It does not complete the sentences so you have a checkbox there but you don't know exaclty what it does.  This has been driving me crazy for a while and it only started happening when I got Windows 7 64 bit.  I used to have XP pro and it was fine.  I tried Vorticals suggestion and it actually made the menus at the top go away completely and ALL text pretty much disappear from the summary tab.  So my issue must be different than everybody elses. I think I might be in a slightly better situation but I just need someone to confirm that they see Complete Sentences instead of my situation where it says "...". Any help is appreciated.



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    Vortical, I have tried your steps, but for Windows 7 Ultimate,  when I select all fonts I can not seem to find the "install" button? I am a bit technologically disabled

    My toolbar is missing in iTunes, also can not transfer music from iTunes to iPod, iPad or iPhone.

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    "Lost Menu Bar" in itunes 10 - windows 7 (no menu bar @ top of itunes)


    Hi b.  Me Three.

    I will go back & re-read your steps -- but @ this point... w/no file menu bar - i have NO CONTROL OVER ANYTHING IN iTunes.  This is new computer - Win 7, i am the only user, i have all Admin Privledges...

    I have never joined a "community" like this, so i am a nubie at proper ettiquete... But anything i can do to "help you, help me (us) -- pleae lemme kno.

    Thank You,

    Gretchen (GSFree)

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    EVERYONE! Reinstall the font package. I just went here

    reinstalled segoe italics and regular segoe and all my fonts came back. Hopefully it all works for you.

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    Thanks so much ttang10, this worked for me. 


    I have windows 7 and iTunes 10.6 and can't remember the last time I saw my drop down menus and text in my iTunes.  I've been reading and trying all the nice suggestions on this thread, and this one finally did the trick.   


    I had first tried deleting my current Segoe UI Italics (in Control Panel --> Fonts) but it would not allow me, so I just reinstalled Segoe UI Italics via your method and finally success!  Hope it also works for others in this same predicament.

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    Hi guys,

    I just figured out something, and it did work for me. I tried all the methods I found, but nothing. I am using Windows 7 32bit, but I'm sure this works on anything. As I understood, there was a problem with the font, Segoe UI. I just located it in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder and I replaced it with another version or something like that, downloaded from After restarting the iTunes, I couldn't believe it worked.


    I hope this helps.


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    Ok, I'm sorry to say, but all of the solutions in this thread that have been brought up have either not worked for me or need clarification, and it gets pretty disheartening to do a Google search on this issue only to have every result basically wind back up in this threa.  I have a Windows 7 x64 machine that I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue.


    First off, concerning uninstalling and reinstalling the fonts, obviously you can't uninstall the Segoe UI font as it is a system font.  I have already tried copying the files from another system to this one, and tried installing it, but it didn't resolve the issue.  Also, for those that posted links to download the font, it won't work as the font is copyrighted.


    Concerning the Vista font fix, tried that, it worked for me until I restarted the application, and the problem came back.


    Concerning Eric's fix, can you clarify to me what values these registry keys should contain?  I was going to try this method to see if I could resolve it.


    [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]

    KEY: Segoe UI

    VALUE: Change value from "segoeui.ttf" to "__segoeui.ttf" (or something to where the file name is invalid)

    [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\FontSubstitutes\] (new string value)

    KEY: Create new registry key "Segoe UI Tahoma"

    VALUE: ?


    Can anyone clarify this?


    I was going to do either this, or reinstall the application.  Thanks!

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    Hello. My god somebody on here is a lifesaver! Been trying to find help with this problem for days of missing text in my iTunes. Im not very computer savy, so I decided to try and find an easier way to try this missing font Segoe UI idea. So I looked for it on a free font download website, downloaded it and installed the font. And, hey presto it works!!! Thank you to the brilliant help on here!



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    I did the Windows 7 fix...and now I cannot sign into the iTunes store. But I have text again! I can't think of a reason why changing the font in the registry would effect signing into the store, but has anyone else had this problem after the font fix?

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    I had no text labels in iTunes, wlwbishop suggestion solved my issues. Thanx..

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    Thank you so much.  Your post was a life saver.

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