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MattHatestheDesert Level 1 Level 1
I'm not happy right now. The sleep wake/button on my 6th generation iPod nano is stuck. Reading around here and other forums and sites, it seems like this is a wide spread issue.

Of course, I'm outside of the return window now. So I can't just return it for a refund. I have to deal with AppleCare. I'm not happy. It really seems like this is going to be an issue of "when" and not "if" it will happen to the device.
  • marcosarthur Level 1 Level 1
    I'm not happy either.

    I'm experiencing exactly the same problem and I'm having trouble trying to use Apple support online service.
  • MattHatestheDesert Level 1 Level 1
    I was trying to use the online support system this morning too and nothing would work.

    I want a refund for my iPod nano because this certainly seems like this is going to happen on every single one. It's not a matter of if but when. And I don't want something that is destined to fail quickly. I shouldn't have to buy AppleCare either.
  • MattHatestheDesert Level 1 Level 1
    Took it to the Apple store. In the process of switching it out for another, the person saw they had no stock of that particular model. So it couldn't be swapped in store. Had to mail it in. Ridiculous. UPS says it was delivered to Apple this morning, but Apple's support site still says "in transit". Not happy at all. Not even an "I'm sorry" from Apple for making me waste an entire day, money on gas, and hours (literally) driving to and from the Apple store and the UPS store.
  • MattHatestheDesert Level 1 Level 1
    Finally got my "replacement" unit today. Was informed that its a "service unit" and not new.

    So I'm not happy. I paid for a new iPod, not a refurbished one. I emailed the woman helping me as well as others informing that I will not settle for a refurbished replacement unless I am refunded a significant portion of the purchase price to make up the difference between retail and refurb.

    Also considering my legal options at this point, since this is a bait and switch as well as the fact that I lost an entire day, gas, etc.
  • Moggy83 Level 1 Level 1
    I've just had the problem with the sleep button on my 2month old nano and found the lady on the apple support line to be quite helpful.

    they are sending me out a returns package to ship my nano back to them for repair/replacement.

    my only worry is the way they take cc details so that if the nano can't be repaired/replaced on warranty they charge me for a new one, i certainly hope that doesn't happen.
    now there should be no problem, this is clearly a manufacturing issue and the nano should be repaired/replaced free of charge but i've read a couple of stories where that didn't happen. only time will tell.
  • Pimpys1 Level 1 Level 1
    I have gone through two 6th gen nano,s both sleep wake buttons failed I went to an apple store and told them I was not very happy .with two failed iPods in less than two months Replaced it with iPod touch 4th gen very happy now .But I loved the nano hope apple address this issue soon .
  • savitolgreen Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I guess if I had read this before buying the 6th gen Nano in December I'd have been better off. My sleep button is jammed and I really don't want to go through a hassle with Apple. Usually in-store help is good, but the Apple Store is always packed and sometimes it's hard to get the help you need in an efficient amount of time.

    IF it is fixed, I've considered selling the Nano and buying a non-Apple brand mp3, but I am concerned it won't work well with my MacBook Pro. Hopefully, I can get this fixed son, the sleep button not working kind of disables anything you can do with the iPod.
  • Notap Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem with the sleep/wake button getting stuck. I'm really unhappy with Apple's resolution. To spend $160 for a brand new item and have them hand me some recycled piece of crap that already broke on someone else is a huge insult. They also tried to tell me that it isn't refurbished, it's "re-manufactured, which means good as new". Refurbished means remanufactured. Either way, when someone pays full price for a brand new product and it malfunctions in less than 2 months without any abnormal use the right thing to do is replace it new. I was also told by the Apple employee that replacing new with remanufactured "is standard for the electronics industry." I've never once returned any type of new item to any store and had them hand me a used product that already failed at least once before. What a blatant disrespect for your customer's money. I won't be wasting anymore of mine with Apple. What good it is to lead the industry in technology development if you can't provide reliable products and operate with integrity when something goes wrong?
  • wireyladd Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem. 2 Nanos with broken sleep/wake buttons. Now I'm stuck with a $149 gift card to Best Buy. I really would like an iPod, but I know the 6th gen Nano will break. I'd rather not have to mail Apple my broken iPod every 2-3 weeks. Then wait weeks to get another temporarily working one.

    Apple are you listening? I think it's time for a recall. Your product is obviously defective. If you are not going to replace the broken Nanos with a non-defective model you should refund our money. I'd be happy with a 5th gen Nano too.
  • BratjieNommerEen Level 1 Level 1

    Has apple had any response to this issue? I have the same problem and I don't want to go exchange my nano if it's going to happen again. I want a permanent solution?

  • juaneperez Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I join the club of the Stuck wake/sleep button on the 6th generation Apple. I bought it through Amazon, however I just filled in the apple replace/repair option in their webpage and will be mailing it in this week. At least Im glad Apple replaces the product, and doesnt go with the ******** argument of "missuse" as that was the first response I received from from a apple authorized retailer.


    Is it possible to just trade it in for money back? answers are much appreciated.

  • lkon Level 1 Level 1

    My iPod Nano 6G was replaced about a year ago (after 2 months of purchase) for the stuck button issue. The replacement developed the same issue a few days ago. I just returned from the Apple store where they asked for £65 for a swap.  I do not want to pay a premium on top of an already pricy item that is poorly designed. According to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (ammended version) in the UK, "satisfactory quality" means (among other things) that  products must last a reasonable time.


    I will contact customer service on Monday to make a formal complaint. I am also submitting the case to Watchdog in the UK - I believe that this matter requires wider coverage.

  • zambu Level 1 Level 1

    Repost from another thread:


    Yeah, yeah, same problem here. My nano is 1.5 years old, so the apple store people said there is nothing they could do except offer to sell me a refurbished one for $95....ripoff. A new one would cost me $129. I am disappointed that apple would not have some sort of special repair program in place for this obvious design flaw. As Roberto pointed out on his website (see more below), this problem is caused by a shim that slips to the side because it is held in place by a tiny piece of double back tape....lame design flaw!


    Anyhoo...I don't expect apple to care about me even though I own three iPods, two high end iMacs, and three iPhones. Instead, I found a website that explained the problem. Then I followed some instructions on YouTube showing me how to open up the iPod. Putting these various information sources together, I opened mine up and was able to fix the problem in about 20 minutes. It takes some careful work and some small tools, but it is doable. I did not glue the shim back in place because I am lazy. I just shifted it back into position over the sticky tape and pressed down on it. Hopefully it will not slip sideways again for a couple years. I will also make a point in the future to push this button squarely in the center rather than on one of the sides...pushing the side of the button gradually squeezes the shim out of place. I used a tiny metal screw driver instead of the plastic tools that people show in the YouTube videos, so I sorta scratched the edge of the screen a little, but no big deal for me. Also the mini pieces of tape around the inside edge of the nano are really tough to get back perfectly in place. Whatever...It works now.


    Roberto's website is


    You can find many disassemble videos on YouTube if you search for "iPod 6th gen repair screen."


    Good luck!

  • hrj667 Level 1 Level 1

    My Ipod Nano button also broke.  One second it worked, the next the button was lose and whatever was holding it disconnected.  I have had it for just over a year and it was never misused.  I finally just hung up the phone on customer service.  Neither of us could not understand one another and I was stuck talking to him for an hour.  Every question I had, he put me on hold and had to ask someone.  I have paid alot of money and do not believe I should have to pay $75 for a possilbe fix.  If so many have this problem Apple should fix it for free or charge a fraction of the price.  If it doesn't last a year it shouldn't cost me $275! If the next one breaks after two months I have to spend another $75?  I want a garantee the next will not break and I do not have to return it for the same issue!

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