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So, i was having trouble playing files on Quicktime X so uninstalled it and attempted to install quicktime 7. However it won't let me and as ilife was installed at the Apple store when my hardrive crashed i don't have it to reinstall. Any ideas please?

mac book 5.1, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    The Mac OS doesn't include any "uninstaller" so I guess you moved the apps to the Trash (and probably deleted it).
    And you bought iLife at the Apple Store, had them install it, and then walked out without the iLife DVD?
    http://support.apple.com/kb/DL923 but it requires the 7.6.3 version. You can install 7.6.3 from the Snow Leopard "Optional Installs" package found on the DVD.
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    well i sort of want to say thanks but your tone is very odd... yes i moved it to trash - slightly quicker to type uninstalled. and no i didn't buy ilife and walk out without it... they installed it for me without my purchasing it as i bought a macbook days before the new ones came out with it pre-installed and 3 weeks later the hard drive crashed, then crashed again. So they did it as a small compensation. Satisfied?
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    All new Mac's ship with iLife installed (and include the DVD for reinstalling). Maybe they installed a "newer" version of iLife?
    QuickTime X only ships on Snow Leopard machines. If you deleted it and now want it back, you'll need to reinstall Snow Leopard.
    iLife isn't part of Snow Leopard.