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I just bought an iPad and tried to setup REMOTE with my 1st Gen Apple TV. The instructions indicates that I need software version 3.1.2 in order to use this app. However, I am running 3.0.2 and see no way to update. My Apple TV says it needs no updates. Can you use an iPad and a remote for 1st Gen Apple TV? I do it with my iPhone.

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    AndyStorch wrote:
    Can you use an iPad and a remote for 1st Gen Apple TV?

    yes. works for me.


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    I've got me remote app to work with music, but it wont do videos on my first gen atv. Anyone got it to work?
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    If you've synced your Movies to your first gen TV (3.0.2) you should be able to use your Remote app (2.0.1) on your iPad to play your movies. I do it all the time. If you're referring to streaming from your iPad to your first gen TV, this is impossible because AirPlay isn't supported on the first gen TV.
    The first gen TV is replaced by the the second gen TV which is based on iOS, here you can stream your Music and Movies through AirPlay.
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    "The first gen TV is replaced by the the second gen TV which is based on iOS, here you can stream your Music and Movies through AirPlay."

    I am certainly not blaming you, the messenger, but for a supposedly green company to dump its product support i.e. AppleTV version 1 this is a bad signal from Apple. The 'old' TV is crippled in very basic ways, I certainly don't want to fill up my laptop hard disc so I can sync and watch a video on TV. Now parts of an OS update don't work on a recently bought product. Shame really, instant photoshows would have been nice.

    But the infuriating thing is music will stream to an airport express but NOT TV. A co-incidence?
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    I have a first generation apple tv. I like it and don't want to upgrade to the new 2nd gen. My Apple TV says that it will work as an AirTunes speaker device. It seems like app AirPlay steaming could work if Apple wanted to make it work. I can control my iTunes on my computer from the Apple Remote App.
    How do you stream from my pc to the Apple TV first generation? Right now I have the Apple TV synced to my iTunes library which is located on my Apple Timecapsule. Is that the way I am supposed to set it up. I have the latest firmware update.

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    I have the 1st gen Apple TV and The iPad. I was using the "Rowmote" free app to control it fine. Then I went for broke and bought the "Rowmote Pro", it works great for controlling my iMac and it can work like a touch track pad on it, but I can not get it to connect to the ATV any more. Yes I got the "patchstick" for the ATV and still no luck. I will be adding the regular free Rowmote back to my iPad. The free Rowmote is on iTunes.
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    You do realize Apple's free Remote app on the iPad can control your 1st Generation Apple TV, right? The app is superb. You really should try it.
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    Hey *******, how bout a little more info. Don't just say it works for you but then don't offer any tips on how you got it to work.

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    Yes you can set-up your iPad remote app to work with Apple TV (1st Generation). It doesn't support Home Sharing. The Stephs are


    Apple TV (1st generation)

    1. Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the local network that your Apple TV also connected to.
    2. Open the Remote app on your mobile device.
    3. Select Add an iTunes Library in the Remote settings screen. Remote will then display a 4 digit passcode.
    4. On Apple TV, select Settings from the main menu, select General and then Remotes.
    5. Select the name of your iPhone or iPod touch.
    6. Enter the 4 digit passcode. Use the volume up/down keys on the Apple Remote (Infrared) to change the number that is displayed and the track next/back keys to switch digits.
    7. Click Done.


    That worked for me, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1947 for more info .

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    MiniVan- thanks.  Followed it to a tee and it worked fine. 



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    On my ATV(1st gen.) after going to General>settings>remotes, the area to select remotes for iphone or ipad are greyed out??



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    You ned to do steps 2. and 3. first which is to go to remote app on the devices and select Add Itunes library. Follow the other steps and it will be added. see https://discussions.apple.com/message/15288629#15288629

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    After posting, I realized what I had to do, exactly what you posted.


    Thanks, it works well.

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    No worries. I did the same thing first time around of just staring at the greyed out add remotes section, somewhat puzzled. I am not sure why 1st Gen ATV doesn't support' Home Sharing', since that would then be automatic detection, and it's much much simpler.