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hello all,
im an iphone 4 owner who uses itunes to sync all my data to the iphone

now today itunes prompted me to download the update
ofcourse i agreed and itunes downloaded the update and installed it succesfully

but now im having trouble in syncing everything to my iphone
for example in music i added new songs to the library and when i sync it just wont sync these new songs without any error being displayed ... it just says sync finished

i tried adding 2 mp4 videos to the movies folder and it accepts them ... but when syncing it says itunes could not copy the following two videos because your iphone cant play them ... like WTH it used to play all mp4 videos
i tried converting them with programs to iphone format which i think is m4v and still the same error is being displayed

and i cant roll back to previous itunes
anyone any sugestions

help would be GREATLY appreciated

thanks all

fujitsu siemens esprimo, Windows 7, winows 7 ultimate
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    me too. its so annoying. i still have a problem with my alarm clocks as well since the clocks went back! i have the iphone 3Gs
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    well i can help you at this one
    delete all your alarms and set new ones again
    should be solved now
    dont edit the old alarms , delete them completely

    now can anyone help me ???
    its really frustrating, i cant add anymore songs xD

    plz help
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    I'm sure I've tried that but incase I haven't I'll try again. Thanks. Apple really need to get their software issues sorted out, especially coming up to Xmas as their sales will take a nose dive. My kids wanted ipads but I'm losing faith in Apple. There are some good alternatives coming out as well so they need to buck their ideas up. I shan't be buying off iTunes until iTunes 10.1 is fixed as I cant syncronise any of my purchases anyway.
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    I'm having serious sync issues with my 3GS since this latest rubbish update as well. I get a different message 'iTunes cannot back up because a session cannot be started with the iPhone.' I had no problems before this update. I called o2 and they put me through to their Apple team and the guy really had no clue what to do and basically searched for the same stuff I could have found myself on Google and nothing worked. I was told to create a new user account and try it on that - which I did and nothing worked. I am now attempting to download and install a previous version of iTunes (found on Filehippo) and if that is successful then I am hoping it will resolve my issue and I will NOT be updating until this is sorted.

    Apple really need to test things before they release them. Too many times now there are issues with this and that, it's never perfect. The price I pay on a monthly basis for my iPhone is extortionate and yes, I do expect a perfect service for that!
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    Will you let us know if your link to an old iTunes works plz? I'm dead annoyed with Apple at the mo! My daughters just had a samsung omnia 7 windows phone & the screen & graphics knock apple to the ground, if they don't get their software sorted I'll get one instead of an iPhone 4 when my contract is due for renewal. Surely their sales in iTunes must be dropping cos of iTunes 10.1 and not being able to syncronise.
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    I'm an iPhone 4 user as well, and everything was working fine. Then I installed the iTunes update today, and now iTunes won't even register than I have my phone connected at all. My computer recognizes the iPhone, but it's iTunes that doesn't do anything.
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    This update to itunes *****, is the worst, since the install I could not sync my device, try installing the previous version, but fails to read the original library file. have known had not updated ever. the next update will download a month after being available.
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    i rolled back to previous itunes but that wont do the trick ... i really dont know what is wrong with it

    there is a way to make the older itunes read the library
    personally rolling back didnt work for me but it might work for you
    go to >my music > itunes > rename "itunes library" to "itunes library.old" > now open the "previous libraries" folder and choose your most recent file > copy it to the > my music > itunes folder .... and rename it to itunes library

    now your old itunes should work
    really hope that it will solve the problem for you cuz for me it didnt
    at least give it a try