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RoxasXIII Level 1 (0 points)
I was on my ipod touch today and I was trying to install an app onto my device. It asked for my password, but then said that it was wrong. After trying multiple times to enter my password I restarted the device and tried again. I still got the same message that my password was incorrect. I then went onto my computer to try and log on to itunes, but I was still told that what I had entered was incorrect. I clicked "forgot password" but for some reason it will not work at all. Does anybody know what the **** is going on with itunes today? This is a bunch of ********.

Windows 7
  • ScuseMe Level 2 (215 points)
    Same here.

    I just had iTunes tell me that my password is incorrect. Although I just used it on my iPhone to buy an app a few hours ago.

    Also, after upgrading to 10.1, my podcast password was missing; I had to add it again.

    I think the iTunes servers are borked.
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    Having exactly the same problem, tells me either ID or Password is wrong, neither are, wont let you reset password neither. Glad I looked on here because I realise the problem is with iTunes not me
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    if you have an app called ship finder then delete it. i had the same problems. if you have the app on the touch/phone or pad make sure its removed. then restart your computer. your password should then be accepted.
    it works for me
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    All I had to do to fix this problem was sign out of iTunes on my computer and my iPhone, and then sign back in. After that, it took my password and I was able to purchase on both the iPhone and my computer.
  • ScuseMe Level 2 (215 points)
    Mine's working ok now. Did nothing but wait
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    So I figured out the solution. What you have to do is download all the apps that need to be updated to your itunes on your computer and then sync your ipod. Your problem will be solved. If you click on the app that needs updating in your itunes on your computer and click "get info" under the file menu, you will be able to see which account your app is registered to.

    Its time consuming but it works.