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I am unable to install my iphone 4 to the new laptop I have, OS Windows 7. The devices pair fine and recognize each other, I just keep receiving error messages when the driver automatically installs. It reads "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" not installed. Any solutions???



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    Same here - rubbish isn't it
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    it's really a question of profiles
    don't think iphones and ipod and ipads offer en support for profiles to the computer
    and don't inspect for any on a computer

    think bluetooth is pretty much only for headsets, keyboard, mice with these devices

    you can't sync over bluetooth anyway nor if you have a mac

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    Actually the solution is quite simple as I found out after trawling the web for days and trying various other solutions. (I find it odd that Apple don't seem to mention this anywhere as it's pretty basic to want to likn an IPhone 4 to a Windows 7 PC for thethering without a cable isn't it?).

    Right click on your Iphone in your bluetooth device screen in Win 7. Go to the Bluetooth Services Tab and unselect Wireless iAP. Bingo it will now work and won't complain that it is missing a driver.
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    I am unable to pair my iPhone 4 with my Windows 7 laptop. It worked after after I deselected Wireless iAP and as suggested in this forum, but I (unwisely) told the iPhone to 'Foreget' that connection at a later date and have been unable to get it working again. I have trawled the web and tried many suggested solutions such as removing the iPhone device from the Windows 7 Bluetooth devices, resetting network settings (and all settings) on the iPhone, restarting both devices etc etc. Windows 7 complains about the missing driver, then when I try to connect, the devices display the same number for pairing but the connection fails after I proceed. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution?
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    You need to hit "Pair" on the iPhone SIMULTANEOUSLY as you hit "Pair" on the W7. (words my choice). You have to allow on both devices.

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    I realise this is an old topic, but it seems everyone has the wrong band-aid fix.


    The correct fix is as follows:


    The issue is that Windows doesn't recognise the iPhone as a Bluetooth Peripheral Device and cannot find the correct driver to download and install.


    Follow the following steps:

    - First, you need to install the appropriate 'Windows Mobile Device Support' software for your version of windows (32 and 64 bit versions have different files to download).  It may look like it didn't install in Windows 7, but that's ok.  It did.

    - Turn on the bluetooth discovery mode on the iPhone.

    - Select 'Add a Device' in Devices and Printers, follow the instructions to connect and enter the 8 or 9 digit key into your iPhone.

    - Your iPhone should be found and automatically install all the software and drivers except for the Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver.

    - In Devices and Printers, right click the iPhone, select properties, and then the hardware tab.

    - The first device function should be 'HID-compliant consumer control device. Ensure it's selected.

    - Select Properties, and in the next window select 'update driver'

    - Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'

    - Select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'

    - Select 'Bluetooth Radio' from the left hand side listing

    - In the next window, select 'Microsoft Corporation' on the left, and 'Windows Mobile-based Device support' from the right side.

    - Install this option, clicking through the warnings and accepting this option.

    - Now you have the device driver installed, and your iPhone will be connected via Bluetooth when you need to pair it - great for file transfers and internet access without turning the radio on.


    I hope this helps.  This is the proper fix.  Not the 'pressing two keys at the same time' or unchecking the option that only allows some features to be used.

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    Worked great until I tried to change the hardware properties.   But "HID-compliant consumer control device" isn't there.  Just the yellow error with "Bluetooth Peripheral Device", and Bluetooth AV Remote Control Target, Bluetooth AV sourve, and Bluetooth Remote Control.


    I downloaded the Windows Mobile Device Support 64 bit from the microsoft website.  It seemed to run successfully.   And the devices are connected.  But with the error.


    The Bluetooth Peripheral Device errors show up in Device Manager under "other devices", along with a working PCI Serial Port.    


    Any advice what to do next?

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    I've done that and what next??? When I try to connect clicking my computer on Iphone bluetooth menu it says that device is not supported?

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    I posted this in another discussion.


    I believe this works. 


    1)  Go to Bluetooth Software Download @broadcom  and download updated Bluetooth for Windows software on your Bluetooth-enabled Windows PC or laptop.


    2) Pair your iPhone to your Bluetooth-enabled Windows PC or laptop.


    Now, you can possibly receive music and audio at your windows PC or laptop from your iphone and receive SMS message too.