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My 8gb Ipod Touch 2g shut off due to low battery, but when i plug it into my mac, it shows the low battery symbol with a lightning bolt and then the apple startup symbol, then shut off, and then repeats the same pattern over and over. the ipod will not connect to itunes and also will not charge. also after awhile of being plugged in the port where the cord is plugged it gets very warm. tried connecting my friends ipod and it connects fine and tried his ipod cord and still wont connect.

Ipod touch, iOS 4
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    Have you tried resetting your iPod?
    Reset iPod touch: Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    However, your iPod may have a hardware problem
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    ok i did, all i get is the low battery symbol and it shuts off
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    If you are still getting the low-battery message after an hour or more of charging I would say there is a hardware problem. If you have an Apple Store nearby I would make an appointment a the Genius Bar.
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    My grandson's iPod Touch 2nd gen just did the same thing. It didn't seem to recharge when connected to the Mac and when plugging in the really low battery symbology (thin red line lightening boat, etc. show up, then after a while the apple shows up. Sometimes the battery low symbol will show up again, followed shortly by the apple again, and then the apple stays there and the screen never goes to sleep while charging.) I tried resetting it after it had been charging using the wall socket charger for a while, but it seems not to be working. I'm going to see if it will charge using the wall charger for a while, but I'm not holding on to a lot of hope after seeing your post. I'll post back if I have any positive results.