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    I just had this same problem and followed the advice of pezzdog and force quit iPhoto then went in and deleted my FB account once iPhoto was restarted then added the account back and it stopped asking to delete my albums.  They are all there.  I had to do the same with my Flickr account and it worked like a charm.  I agree though that having all of my FB albums listed on the left so I can drag and drop was a great feature that should have been included in iPhoto 11. 

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    I absolutely hate iPhoto, so much so I wish I had never bought a Mac. I was looking through some recently imported photos in iphoto (and iphoto seems the only way to see them properly on my Macbook Air, Finder is useless) and decided to upload some of them to Facebook. After the upload I decided I didn't want to keep a local copy of the photos as they take up space so I tried to delete the photos from iphoto. To my horror iphoto said that if I deleted the local photos they would be deleted from Facebook as well! Absolutely outrageous. So I am forced to keep them on my laptop because Apple wants to treat me like a child. I hate it!!!

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (135,030 points)

    What part of "sync" don't you understand? All of it I'm guessing.


    iPhoto synchronises with Facebook and Flickr. So, make a change in iPhoto, it changes online. That's what 'synchronise' means. If you don't want synchronisation, why not use any of the (many) other ways to upload to Facebook.


    So, perhaps the only "outrageous" thing is that you don't understand what 'syncing' is.


    And you know, if you hate iPhoto why on earth are you using it? You're not forced to, it's not  requiement. Just use some other app you prefer. Apple aren't treating you like a child, but I wonder if you might be acting like one.

  • Svenedin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You are quite right that I do not understand the "Apple" concept of "sync". I would like the option to decide what I want to be "synced". That is to say to say I might wish to have the pictures on my computer to be different to be those uploaded to facebook. After spending 3 hours labelling my photos and uploading to facebook I was frankly furious that I could not delete my local copy. I also found that iphoto is incaple of using umlauts, accents etcetera. As an English native, what a joy it is to see an American firm that cannnot even accommadate a simple accent. Cultural Imperialism cannot only be blamed on the English.........

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (135,030 points)

    But you have a choice. If you don't want the material synced use one of the many other ways of uploading - Facebook's own uploader, for a start. Love your comment about Cultural Imperialism. While I might question the relevance to the issue at hand, did you stamp your foot as you made it ?

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    Astonished to report that this problem STILL hasn't been fixed in iPhoto '11.  However, Pezzdog's solution on the p. 2 of this thread still works, and it's pretty easy to do. 


    I've been using Apple computers and Apple software since 1986.  I've never seen a product of theirs work so poorly for so long without being fixed.  Somebody's asleep at the wheel.

  • Matt Ma Level 4 Level 4 (1,270 points)

    I will give Pezzdog's suggestion a try. However, what I fear is completely lost is all the comments and tags that were previously on the photos in that facebook album.

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    I don't think this has anything to do with the upgrade to 11. I've been using 11 since it came out, and just now had this same issue come up.

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    Svenedin, iPhoto handles umlauts, acute and grave accent marks and pretty much any accent mark that I am familiar with (as a typesetter). I'm not sure why you are saying it doesn't.


    Here is a fairly good guide to making accented characters:

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    I'm soooo ******. I had no clue about this. It took me 7000 photos later to realize this. I'm just ******! I don't understand it and I'm ******. I feel like someone should have warned me or explained it to me. I'm even more ****** that this thread is over two years old and still the product does this and still no warnings for those who are new to Apple. Come on Apple, you see that this synching this is annoying people for over two years and you've done nothing at all to address it. How hard is it to attach a warning the first time a person goes to use the IPhoto feature? Why not have a  window pop open which explains that you must keep the photos on your laptop to keep them on your internet accounts when using this feature. Seriously, F U...that's how I feel right now. I'm going to be spending over 30 hours to set up those albums up again... I needed to vent, you need to make the feature more clear and user freindly. Get too it!

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    pezzdog it worked perfectly and easily


    thank you


    iphoto 11, OS 10.7.5

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    Thank you PezzDog. It worked (I did freak out a bit, though).

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    Hi i just had the same problem but can see the fix here thanks to those that worked it out. I am about to try the fix. I am not sure if it is because i recently completed a software update or if it is because i have changed my facebook password since the last time i used iphoto with facebook. I am fairly sure that it's due to me changing my facebook password. So if this is the case the problem is that you shouldn't need to do all this each time you change your password. Can anyone confirm and if this is the case then we should pester apple to make this a more simple process!
      Ps. I hate Google +

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    I just upgraded to iPhoto '11, and got the same messages when I tried to upload to Facebook.  However, the albums are all still there in my Facebook account.  I clicked through the messages, uploaded the new album, restarted, and it's all still there.  Whew!  Apple must have (mostly) fixed the issue by now.


    However, this has opened my eyes to the Facebook/iPhoto/Flickr synching - if I delete an album from my hard drive, it will also delete from Facebook and Flickr, unless I upload directly from the Facebook (and hopefully) Flickr website.  That is what I will do from now on.  But now I still have to deal with creating hundreds of new, unsynched albums on Facebook and Flickr, one by one, in place of the old ones.  Ugh!

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