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Ok, so my ex-husband put a wire tap on my phone about 3 months ago and I didn't know it was really there until last weekend. He was able to add online that I take responsibility for a phone I didn't even have anymore. I've done the the complete wipe out, where the phone is brought down to factory settings to get it off. That didn't work because by the time I was on my way home I was being tapped again. This is so frustrating!!!! So today, I go and get a brand new iphone, a new account, the phone my husband added was disabled. Supposedly. Tonight, the spyware is again downloaded onto my brand new phone. One thing I did notice is that they didn't change the account number like they were suppose to. But still, does anyone know how in the **** he is once again access to monitor my cell phone? Any info would be appreciated.

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    It's impossible for him to put a tap(monitor you phone calls) on your phone. The only people that can do that is ATT and they would need a court order for them to do it. As far as suspected software being downloaded on your phone, that is pretty much impossible too. The only thing he might be able to do, that is if you still had a family plan, would to track you with ATT's family tracking feature which is usually used to track your kids. But if you have your own line in YOUR name (non family plan), your fine. If you suspect anything, you should file a police report.