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will magic jack work with an I pad

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    MagicJack app for iPad  - The NEW answer is YES - BUT .... - be sure to read the directions and options and info BEFORE installing the app.


    Currently once you install MagicJack App on your iPad, that iPad and whatever email account you used to register are LINKED together and you CANNOT do a clean install. 

    After any reinstallation (yes, even after deleting the app from iPad AND computer AND emptying trash/recycle bins AND clearing caches AND restarting computer) the application will go directly to a login screen and require the email account and login info from the original installation.


    Tech support from MagicJack have confirmed that it will always revert to the Login screen after an installation and that their engineering department has been alerted. They would not say WHERE the link is (hidden on the iPad ?? or at their server ??) but there is apparently SOME link that is not broken by removing the app.

    Sooooo - while the app functions well and may be a great time and cost saver.... if buying or selling a used iPad please consider that until a fix is provided, only the first Magic Jack app installation info can be used.

    You cannot start fresh and (currently) you cannot even change the email address originally used for login !!!

    Hopefully an update and fix will be forthcoming soon.

    This info applies to the MagicJack app as installed on an iPad (the icon says TALK FREE ) from the Magic Jack company.

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    I am also having the same problem...


    I have installed Talk Free MagicJack from iTunes on my two iPhones and I selected my current MJ Phone number with my userid and password but it did not work at all. Both iPhones are saying connecting but cannot dial out, however, when calls come in then iPhone rings with caller id display with Close and Answer button but when I pressed Answer it doesn't do anything. I cannot even dial out from both iPhones either. I have removed and re-installed MJ Talk Free apps several times on iPhones but it still does not work.

    When I select Account on my MJ Talk Free app on my iPhone and then tap on Advanced and then tap on Forget me on this device, this feature is not working at all also.


    I had my MJ phone number Call Forwarded to my land line phone and this worked perfectly fine for the past 6 months without any problems, but this stopped working after installing MJ Free Talk on my iPhones. The moment I forwarded my # to my iPhone app the incoming/outgoing calls on my landline were affected and were stopped. I am talking to MJ Live Chat Support for the past 3 to 4 days but they keep saying I will get advice via EMAIL from their TOP Engineers regarding Call Forwarding and I am still waiting. They keep giving me answers in circles. I don't use my MJ connected to my PC to send or receive calls but rather I have magic jack forwarded to my landline (FreePhoneLine.ca) with LinkSys PAP2T adapter.


    I don't care if this MJ Talk Free works or not, I have decided not to use this feature. There is so many free Talkatone and netTalk available that work perfectly.



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       The Magic Jack app works crappy on my IPod Touch. Some people (always the same ones) can call me and then there's other people that can't get through. It's always the same people that can either get to me and the same ones that can't. Most of the time the app is useless and sometimes when I make a call I'll be on for like 45 seconds and then the thing will hang up on them. In this case it was a doctor's office. So not reliable at all, more like useless. Always drops the connection.

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        Magic Jack is linked to your e-mail account that why it never resets from the beginning when deleting it. Reason I know this is because when I used Magic Jack and went to my Google e-mail account and click on recent concurrent sessions it showed the Magic Jack under that.


       This app should be pulled as it's useless and doesn't work a hoot! Your on the line for about 45 seconds and then it hangs up on the other party!


       In short, Magic Jack app doesn't work at all!

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       Well what do you know, they finally changed the name of the app to Magic Jack.