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Dear All,

I need desperately to *remove youtube from my Ipad*. And I cannot figger out how to do. I have already created restrictions but the icon is still there and only very few videos end up being restricted.

I have read in the Internet that youtube cannot be removed from ipad. If that is the case, I would find it unbelievable and actually be really angry and disappointed with Apple.

I am sure that there is a way on how to do it. Please help me identifying. Thank you
  • Geordie Level 2 (310 points)
    YouTube is there so that clicked links to videos can be viewed.
  • lllaass Level 10 (175,700 points)
    You can't remove any of the native app that come with the iPad. However, in the Restrictions setting you can hide (can't even find in search and use) the YouTube by by restricting it. You can also do the same for Safari. However, if you have another browser installed you can still reach YouTube. From the Users Guide:

    Safari is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. You cannot use Safari
    to browse the web or access web clips. Other third-party applications may allow web
    browsing even if Safari is disabled.
    YouTube is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.

    These are in addition to the age restrictions.
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    Go to restrictions then go into apps and do not allow content over 9 years and you tube will disapear

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    Please note that you are responding to a thread that has been dormant for almost 2 1/2 years.

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    Doesn't really matter how old or dormant the thread is. This was the day I was surfing to find out how to remove YouTube from my daughter's early-model iPad, and the recent contribution from Ready4this gave the only concise, succinct, cognizant response in the thread. It's the one response I can appreciate and use.

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    glad to be of help sir

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    Not as glad as I am!  Thanks.  (Never be afraid to improve on a thread, no matter how old or "dormant" it is.  That's why they keep them up on the site...obviously. If history has taught us anything, it's that the same questions have the right to be posed in more than one era.)

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    +1 for appreciation for a response to a 'dormant' thread.

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    GGo to settings then click usage it will show all the apps installed. Click on YouTube and you will see it say delete YouTube just click that and it's done. I did that on the iPad Air and on my iPhone 4s can't say for sure about older models