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So I forgot my iPod was in my coat and I accidentally washed and dried it! I plugged it in and heard it beep a few times and it is recognized on my comp, but no songs are on it and there is nothing on the screen! Is it able to get fixed at all??
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    Why do people who drop electronics immediately plug them in to electricity? Just curious.

    Set your Nano aside in a warm, dry place for about 3 days. Don't turn it on, don't use it. After this time connect it to power (a wall charger works best) and let it charge for at least 30 minutes. While it is still connected to power reset it (hold down the menu and center buttons for 6 seconds, may take a few tries) and then let it fully charge. If it is still not working, Restore it in iTunes.

    If it still is not working after that you can send it to a 3rd party repair site such as http://www.iresq.com or Google for more. Or just buy a new one.
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    when i realized i had washed i dried it, i was half awake and wasn't thinking clearly when i plugged it in my comp. i tried everything you said, and now all i get on my ipod is a white screen...i can hear the wheel click, but there aren't any options to select...is there any way to fix this or is it totally dead?