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I really need some help, please. My nephew, who lives outside North America, in a country where is no Apple Store, has an iPhone 4 phone that I bought for him in Canada. He now tells me that, by some accident (he dropped the phone on a hardwood floor from about a foot high!), he got a crack in the glass on the rear panel. The back panel is very simple to replace but where could I buy an _original Apple_ rear panel from (not a Chinese, etc. copy that might not fit that well) to send it to him?

I went to an Apple Store, here in Canada, and was told that they don't sell parts and don't do such repairs to the iPhone 4, just exchanges for a fee due to accidental damage (but then the phone is overseas and not easy to have it shipped here).

Please help! Where could I buy the original part from?

Thank you, you could really make a kid happy!...
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