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I recently changed my business E-mail client to Mac Mail 3.8 from Eudora. I was very surprised that Mac Mail could not attach a graphic file to an E-mail without actually embedding the file into the E-mail. Mac to Mac my clients could access the file as an attachment, but Mac to PC they could not. I was very surprised to find that the only solution Apple support showed was to compress the graphic file as a zip archive file. This solution is unacceptable as Google Mail disallowed zip files as attachments, and more than a handful of my clients use G-Mail. I found a third party plug-in solution offered by Loki software called Mail Attachments Iconizer http://lokiware.info/Mail-Attachments-Iconizer which actually works to change the way Mac Mail handles graphic file attachments, so that PC users can access the attached file. I was amazed that there was no mention of this solution on the apple support thread... Now there is!

Intel Duo Core iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)