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  • Lapidarium Level 1 Level 1

    Hi KeyDemon,


    It is far easier than all suggestions below. I have had this issue over the past 2 years with 2 iphones now and studied all solutions possbille. However the ultimate solution is as simple as Steve could have thought off.

    Just stick a simple ear clearner cotton whiper into the aer phone connection hole to make sure there is no moist left and the problem is over. You can detect the problem when putting your speaker louder ( it still says earphones when there is no earphone in the earphone connection).

    Just as simple as that. I have had the issue many times now and my phone has been replaced a number of times ( which should not have happened when the staff were really trained) but this 'trick' does work.

  • swvanderlaan Level 1 Level 1


    Since a couple of days I have the same issue: I answer the phone and the other person can't hear me. Using the earplugs doesn't work. The dictaphone DOES work, so the mic is not broken. The fact that others report that other apps (that use the mic) do work, that in my case the dictaphone recording is crystal clear, and that using the earplugs DOESN'T work, leads me to hypothesise it's a software issue.

    It must be said, it's an intermittent issue; sometimes it does work (like 1 minute ago). Still the mic is fine, so why would it be a hardware issue? Isn't the mic and it's connections just a generic feature of the iPhone that can be used by the software packages installed?

    Also, could it be a provider issue?


    Keep me updated of any progress!





  • Thierry. Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue with my "new" phone.

    It's a iPhone 4, replaced one month ago under AppleCare.

    I had a problem on the button, after 21 months, lucky I paid the AppleCare.


    This one is just new replacement, and running iOS 6.0


    Sometimes, the microphone is working for few seconds on a call, sometimes not at all.

    And as previous people, it's working fine in the dictaphone.


    I am going to call Apple again.

    Maybe I'll upgrade 6.0.1 before, in case it could fix the issue. (which does not seem to be hardware.)



    (It's really crazy, when it's just a new iPhone, less than a month old. Did the AppleCare sent me a reconditionned device ?? mhm.. not good !)

  • david cannon Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. Yes, i to have the same problem with one of our business phones. Shame Apple don't do a 2 year warranty like Blackberry.

  • Davideeckels Level 1 Level 1

    Hi I have the same problemwith my Iphone 4s nobody can hear me except with ear plugs.. Phone is still under warranty is still ok...does Apple repair this problem under warranty phone is not damaged..


    THx 4 reply ..

  • Judd Rackham Level 2 Level 2

    iphone 4s speakerphone, earbud mic, video, siri all work, microphone for talking on phone stopped working, no damage to phone, going to apple store genius bar, will update with "solution"

  • Thierry. Level 1 Level 1

    Mine was also not working with the headset. But still Dictaphone is recording the voice. Also FaceTime.


    I got AppleCare on the (other) phone, last week. (Not easy to call from your "broken" iPhone to get support. )


    Before replacing it, they asked me to do a full restore.

    I did a complete back up and complete reset to factory. Then restore my backup.

    And it worked !!


    For only 5 days....

    I did not do any funny thing, funny install or changed any settings, after the full reset.


    I'm back to the problem: microphone is not working on phone calls, but working on other App.

    I called again the AppleCare. They are sending me a replacement for this "already-replaced" iPhone... They should upgrade me to a 4S or even a 5, for all the trouble !

  • Victoria1337 Level 1 Level 1

    I to have this Problem, I't is my opinion something as important in the Functioning of the a  Phone such as the Microphone or any component it relies on to function correctly should last as lot longer than is being reported in significant numbers.


    After doing some research this problem not limited to any one part of the Globe, i have seen Numerous instances where this exact Unique Problem is Thousands of miles apart, Ruling out NetWork Provider Issues,climatic conditions Etc.


    This problem is very unique in that it only affects voice calls, other apps that use the microphone seem to work fine, for exmaple if you record a video you will hear sound fine, yet if you make a Voice call the other person cannot hear you?


    My Iphone has always been used a per apples recommendations, never been dropped and always kept clean,dry, protective case Etc ruling out neglect of the phone, this is also confirmed by numberous other users posts on the internet who state they have cared for thier phone Properly.


    I belive my Iphone and Thousands(At the Very Least) of others Iphones were NOT FIT PURPOSE when they where delivered, basically although some may have functioned for more than 12 Months i belive they were actually faulty during the warranty period with the fault manifesting itself after the warranty period.  I belive this to be the case as numberous instanse of this very unique issue are reported within the 12 Month period.


    I contacted apple who offered me a replacemnet for a 190£ charge!!! are you kidding me a 500£ phone thats been looked after as per Apple recommedations which clearly has a fault that is wide spread!!!!


    I decided to see if i could pay for a apple technician to find the fault and provide me with a report so that i could make a claim against the retailer and guess what, yes they do not "offer" this service even though i offered to PAY for it.


    I would suggest if have googled this error and ended up here you make a post so Apple can see this is a Major problem that in should warrant appripiate investigation.


    I will reseaeching what further action i can take to get my phone replaced as will not Purchase another phone, the build quality should be there in the first place and this is clearly not a isolated problem.


    In the meantime i have sent back for a Full Refund one Iphone 5, and two ipads, Luckily they 1where within the on year warranty and will never purchase and apple product again,


    Once you lose the confidence and reptation it is very difficult to get that back.

  • Lapidarium Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sander,

    I rather stick to my first line approach, after using an iPhone i.e. for a good work out, it might becomes humid. Therefore please try to clear the earphone socket extensively with an earbut ( oor watje) to clear all humid or any other debri from that socket. That has worked for me in all my occassions, before I discovered the foregoing I had 2 phones replaced free of charge. Maybe this will work for you too.

  • arossman Level 1 Level 1

    My daughter had the same problem. Started with phone only working as speakerphone and then steadily got worse. Finally was down to bluetooth. Phone is way past warranty [almost 2 years old]. Took phone to Apple store last nitght and they gave us a new phone for $149. Given that repair of the dock connector, etc. was around $100, not a bad deal.

  • Dave! Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here! Off to Genius Bar on Mon armed with this forum on my iPad... Or maybe by MacBook Pro... Or my original iphone.. OR my 3gs


    Could be bye bye Apple, all because the single part of your phone that makes it a phone ISN'T working - Will report back outcome. They can stick a refurbed phone up their, well you know.

  • megatipz Level 1 Level 1

    Im sure it's the silent mode switch that messes up voice calling. I've got a problem were i can't hear them and the can't hear me but if i push down quite hard on the silent mode switch then i can kinda hear them depending on were you hold it.

  • Kalsa962 Level 1 Level 1

    Check this YouTube video; I had exactly the same issue and now I understand why. It saved me a warranty claim and hassle of changing phones.

  • Keywho Level 1 Level 1

    It is evident that iPhone4 has a serious hardware flaw causing a precipitous audio output failure.  It is more than a coincident that so many other iPhone 4 users are complaining of exactly the same problem.  I have an iPhone 4S that is barely two years old. Suddenly the phone has been rendered redundant because the other person cannot hear when you make a call.


    I took the phone to Apple’s store last week, who after doing their own test concluded it is a hardware issue and advised us to buy another phone. The hardware failure is certainly not as a result of my abuse of the phone. Apple needs to own up and do a voluntary recall of all the affected iPhone 4s.

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