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    If you guys are still having this problem and only with the phone app try changing out the dock connector. On the dock connector is the microphone that is used for your phone app. This should fix the problem.

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    There are two mics on the phone. The one on the bottom is used for voice memo and speaker phone. The one on top near the headphone jack is used for facetime, video audio and phone calls. It looks like a tiny pinhole or reset button on a warch. If you have missing or muffled audio for facetime, video and phone, then you should make sure that you do not have anything covering the top hole (tape, lint, etc.) I fixed my daughter's mic by taking a tiny pin and cleaning lint out of the hole. Do not insert too far as most mics are little diaphragms and you do not want to poke any holes in the mic itself. Good luck!

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    I have the same problem and mine is 1 month old!

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    I sold mine and bought another one. They're made in china. What do you expect!

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    When I had this issue, I tried everything. I even completely put the logic board into an entirely different iPhone 4. For whatever reason, I decided to use my digital caliper to measure the screw. The screw is SUPPOSED to measure at 2.3mm. The one in my phone measured at 2.5mm. I then replaced the screw with a 2.3mm screw and it's been working perfectly fine ever since. This may not be a fix for everyone, but it worked for me!

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    Please everybody who has this problem, the fix is very simple listen up:


    one screw near the camera (big head one fixing the bard to the metal body of the phone seems in some cases to be guilty of this).

    What is happening for sure, the second mike near the headphones jack is not working. It seems to be grounded with the body and it's contact is on this particular screw!

    just loose a bit this screw or tighten it a little bit it depends, play with it till you get the best result

    again its that screw between the camera and the chassis (to the left and a bit down).

    this will fix it the problem for sure, it did fix mine and many others that I know.

    the source for this fix is

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    Hi Waheb09,



    thanks for the tip, i shall try it soon and update you.


    Currently im using my old iphone 2 for phone calls, and iphone 4 as my ipad, for twitter , watsapp etc.


    i also have this same issue as all. so annoying !


    Waiting for iphone 5s/6.


    But this is good i shall try it !!!!


    thanks !!

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    Had the same problem. After trying the headphone jack it dawned on me that inserting the jack might bypass the noise cancellation so I covered the small hole next to the headphone jack and voila... it started working. Don't know if it is the culprit or if it has something to do with the headphone jack but when placing a call if you cover the small hole with your finger the other party can hear you just fine. When you remove your finger the mic stops working.


    Hope this helps. 

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    after lot of tries of headphone jack.. i found the problem was due to other reason.


    right side of dock connector is the microphone hole. not speaker. I used to cover this before receiving the call and while making a call. Call was good.


    -Finally, bought the iPhone 4 doc connector and replaced it.

    The issue is completely arrested now.


    With Thanks Regards

    Devarajan G

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    right side means, when the phone screen is down. right side hand.


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    Go to settings, privacy, microphone and turn it on

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    I've had this issue on my iPhone 4 for a while now. I have tried resetting to factory default settings which hasn't made any difference. I also tried another SIM card from another network and I still had the same issue.


    I believe this is something on the phone but not convinced that this is the mic. There are posts saying that iPhone 4 has two mics which I don't believe is correct. Also I have tried a bluetooth device with exactly the same result. The original iPhone headphone also doesn't make any difference.

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    Man trust me its 100000000000% a hardware fault from apple the problem  is in the noise cancellation mic change it and ur done. the phone is  recognizing ur voice as a noise so he is canceling the order to the  other mic thats why in recording u can record and hear anything.
    its really logic i hope i helped. 

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    I have the same problem, only with the apple phone app, other phone apps like audio face time works fine, video face time works fine too, recorded videos works too.



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    It's disgusting how these companies take 0 accountability for their products. When there is an exodus and their phone line goes the way of the blackberry they'll wonder why. Blackberry didn't think people would remember their trackball flaw, to name just one.


    I'm outta here of the iPhone when the time comes, so good let me live with my broken mic and try to charge me when obviously it's a release issue or even some sabotage to force older iphone users to migrate.


    Keep your crap cause you've lost me and probable every other user on this forum. Hope it's worth it I'm sure blackberry did.