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    I have the same problem. My iphone 4 has worked flawlessly for  1 1/2 years and now all of a sudden, I am getting the same issues - start a conversation fine (or not) and then the person on the other end of the call can't hear me at all, but I can hear them perfectly. This is with speaker, mike, headphones - it's all the same. The jiggling the headphones in the mic did help a bit, temporarily but then I cut out again on the caller. I also noticed that if the other person can't hear me, I can "bang" the phone on a surface (lightly), I can get "my voice" back. So i think there is something internal that is affecting the phone. I am not sure the exact time this all started. I did just upgrade to ios5.0.1 recently, but I am now wondering if this is really started when my son knocked my phone off the counter. I'm thinking that is really the culprit and something is shorting out internally. It's so annoying because I can't use my phone for calls anymore. Not sure what to do - i really don't want to reset my phone because I don't think it'll work. Did anyone else get it to work after a reset?

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    No amount of restores, network resets, full resets or sim swaps appear to resolved our issue.


    What had some (limited) effect was to squeeze the top of the phone in the vicinity of the top earpiece/speaker. If you do that while on hands free we could at least partially use it. This leads one to thinking its hardware, bUt try some other voice apps: voice control, voice recorder, talking Karl (and others), for us everything else was fine, it was only the phone app that played up. It defies logic.


    Ended up replacing it under warranty. Funny part was, when we went to show the apple guy, it worked flawlessly for about half an hour!!!

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    What defies logic is us not being able to drowngrade the OS to prove that is the 5.0.1 causing it, and have the problem solved as soon as possible.


    I can record voice notes, call on Skype.

    But have normal call on my cell phone I can't.

    I did'nt buy an Ipod touch.

    Its a iPhone!!!


    Is this the battery life problems that they were talking about? Us talking on the phone, like we supposed to?

    Great job!

    My battery life is much better now that I can't do any calls!


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  • junefromjupiter Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    check out

  • georgelimacamara Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My problem is just with Phone App.

    This article contains information on mic problems with every application.

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    Same problem here


    Upgraded to IOS 5.01 and now I cannot talk to people while making a phone call, If I switch to speaker phone then I can be heard, so it cannot be a mic problem, also it happend immediatly after upgrade.


    How do I remove IOS5.01 and downgrade to previuos IOS4.xxxxx?

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    Well i had the exact same issue and if you have had your phone for 60 days... that is if you have AT&T you can get it fixed easy.. you just call your company and they can replace it for free other wise it is 700 bucks.. you have a wire loose in the phone... I had the SAME problem.. Only had it for 30 days

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    I haven't upgraded to iOS5 yet, and have just suddenly started having the problem.. Don't think it's an operating system fault.

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    when i am on the phone no one can hear me speak, but i can hear them fine, but when i switch to speaker, they can then hear me. Does any one know whats going on?

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    It can be one of two things.... The mic obviously works...  The phone app is unique in the sense that it requires two mics to be on...  one on top and one on the bottom... the one on top can get static built up around it which causes it not to work... voice memos, skype and other apps don't require both mics... try takaing an anti static brush to the mic up top....

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    Nobody does for real.

    Apple gave me a new one around christmas. Its been fine. I still think was a software problem, maybe not OS (like longmacchiato said), but the Phone app couldn't start the mic, that was real.

    Maybe it is what icamargo said, maybe not. Who knows.


    I would ask for replacement. They got me a new one, probably they will do the same for you.

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    I've got the same problem, but my problem is not with the phone all, my problem is when I record a video, I tested it and I realized that only second mic works fine, and the principal mic is not 100% working, so I tested it with other apps, I can call perfectly, I can record voice notes fine, I think it is software and. of a hardware issue, but I restarted the phone and still have the same problem but only with this app, could anyone help me?

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    APPLE about time to admit there is a problem. My iphone 4 is 16 months old. Worked perfectly well for that time. I'm 51 years of age and treat the phone like a baby (£599 UK)

    The microphone during phone calls stopped working. The other person hears about half a second and then just gets static. I can hear what they are saying and the microphone works perfectly well in all other apps except phone calls. Phone works OK if I put the headphones in. Factory resets all done to no avail. Another person to add to the list unfortunately. Have been using IOS 5.01 since released.

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    Ditto same problem here.

    My house is littered with Apple problems.


    Mac Book pro with no warrenty and defective logic board. As the replacement of the logic board cost has no logical cost sense, it lies there useless.


    My Magic Mouse 1 has lost its magic after a year, no warrenty and so now replaced aft a year with another new and improved one. Which is already acting up.


    My 1 1/2 year old Wireless keyboard does not work as a keyboard, so another new one needed to be bought.


    Now this Iphone with 2 years contract, one year warrenty and hardware failure after one year.......


    It is good to know Apple is making this huge amount of profit over the carcass of their defective products.  These are worse than keeping a string of mistresses!


    Will apple take all my old unnits and recycle them?? I have no use for these and someone has to ensure that these are properly garbaged.

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