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I was trying to make things easier, and I seem to have failed.

It isn't important how this happened, but I inadvertently purchased some music after my default "iTunes" folder had been renamed "OLDiTunes".

During the purchase and download, a new, empty iTunes folder was created under My Music, and the music was purchased into that library.

I now have two iTunes folders on my Windows machine. One folder is named 'iTunes', and it contains the one piece of music I just purchased. The other is named 'OLDiTunes', and contains the rest of my library of music and applications.

Is there any way for me to move the music in the new iTunes folder into my original library? It seems as though I should be able to do that with Home Share, but I've found very little documentation as to how to do that.

I can open both folders, one at a time, by switching/renaming each folder "iTunes" and "OLDiTunes", and then starting the iTunes app. I just would like to merge the music in the newly created folder back into the main library.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Should be simply.
    1 - Quit iTunes.
    2 - Go to /My Music/ folder and drag /iTunes/ folder to the desktop.
    3 - Rename /OLDiTunes/ folder to iTunes.
    4 - Launch iTunes. You should see everything except your newest purchases (after you renamed the iTunes folder.
    5 - Go to iTunes menu File > Add folder to library.
    6 - Select the iTunes folder you dragged to the desktop. This will add all new purchases to your iTunes library.

    After you have verified everything is in iTunes and in /My Music/iTUnes/ iTunes media/, you can delete the /iTunes/ folder on the desktop.
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    Thanks for this. I followed the steps you recommend, and no activity takes place. At least no activity that I can perceive. Should the process add all subfolders, by default?

    The new music that was downloaded (a $30 album with 45 pieces and 600+ Mb) does not show up in the music library of my original library.

    Later this morning I'll try going into the new folder, creating a playlist from the new album, and then trying a Playlist Import.

    Thanks. I do appreciate your lending a hand!

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    After you do step 4, do you see everything in iTunes except for the new items?
    Should the process add all subfolders, by default?

    If the new items are not getting added in steps 5 & 6, then at step 6, select /iTunes/iTunes media/ in the iTunes folder you moved to the desktop.
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    Thanks for this.

    The configuration is more complicated than I had originally written, and I've done a little research. It's clear my summary version of the situation doesn't give you enough to work with. Here are all the steps taken, in order.

    1) I copied my iTunes folder, in its entirety, to an external drive.
    2) In Preferences/Advanced, I pointed iTunes to the new (external) Media Folder Location, and renamed the original iTunes folder in "My Docs/My Music".
    3) I re-opened iTunes to purchase the music, but went straight to the App Store, without realizing that when I opened iTunes that time, it didn't reveal any of my libraries. It was empty of all media.
    4) I downloaded the new music (43 songs, 700Mb), thinking it would all be written to my library in the new external Media Folder location.
    5) After downloading, I realized that the library I was viewing in that instance of iTunes contained only the music I had just downloaded. The rest of my library was nowhere to be found.
    6) I noticed that in the process, iTunes had created a new copy of an iTunes folder in the My Music folder of My Docs.
    7) Renaming and switching back and forth between the old instance of iTunes in My Docs/My Music and the new iTunes folder just created, I was able to see all previously existing media, without the new album, and then only the new media, without anything else.

    In light of your responses, I began to suspect that I hadn't provided you enough information to make a good call here. So I looked closer. If I open iTunes into its new folder, the folder it recently created, containing only the new music, I note that in Preferences/Advanced, the external drive media folder is still referenced.

    A also note that the copy of iTunes on the external drive contains 43 more files, and is roughly 700Mb larger than, the original copy of my library in My Docs/My Music.

    Clearly, the music purchased was downloaded into the library referenced in Preferences/Advanced, out on the external drive. But the rest of that library, out on the external drive, is not being seen by the iTunes app, if it's opened to look at the new iTunes folder.

    I apologize for my attempts to simplify matters with my earlier summary question. As convoluted as the whole story is, my summary didn't give you enough to work with.

    So the question comes down to: I have a media library stored on an external hard drive, and a new iTunes folder in My Docs. The external drive contains all contents of my library, including the new album, and the iTunes folder on my C: drive is only seeing the new album.

    I hope you still have patience with this question to take another run at it. I can't thank you enough for your assistance.

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    I re-pointed iTunes to look at my original iTunes folder under My Docs. I followed your suggestion to "Add a folder", navigated to the iTunes folder located out on the external drive, selected the folder for the new artist, and the new music has been successfully brought into the library.

    This leaves me with another question, which clearly I should have asked first, but I will do that in a separate thread.

    Thank you again for your direction; your response was correct all along.