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Have an iphone4 (OS 4.1) and an Jabra Cruiser 2. Pairing was not an issue. What happens is every time I get in my car I have to turn iphone's bluetooth off, then on, then the devices connect. It is very frustrating. If I do not turn the phone's bluetooth off/on, clicking on "connect" under Bluetooth->Devices does not do anything, it just tries and tries and tries. But if I go through a bluetooth off/on flow then as soon as I click on "Connect" they very quickly connect.

Any help is appreciated

iphone 4G, iOS 4, Jabra Cruiser 2
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    wondering if you fixed this issue yet? i was going to get my wife the jabra cruiser2, and she also has an iphone4, but i'm reading reviews how the iphone4 isn't compatible with the cruiser2 for reading off names of the people when they call, instead of just the phone number. is this thing worth getting???
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    Just got a Jabra CRUISER 2. I have the 3GS with OS 3.1.3 (last version before 4.0). Mine does in fact announce callers by name. It does not, however, automatically connect to my phone when I get into the car. I have to turn the Cruiser off and on and it will then connect. Sure would be nice if this would happen automatically.