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Is there a way to hide the virtual keyboard. When I'm in safari, I click on a button and each time this keyboard pops up. This is very annoying when you use alot of buttons in a website (e.g. castle age)
Can't find any in settings
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    You can't disable it (why would you?), but you can make it go away by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner (with the keyboard and down arrow on it).

    I'm curious: When exactly does this happen to you? A button should not invoke the keyboard, only text entry fields. Can you give an example of a site that does that?
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    Not sure just what buttons you are talking about, but if they are buttons that would expect a typed response, not just a tap response, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn the keyboard off. That may be accomplished by using the external, Bluetooth keyboard. When you pair with the Bluetooth keyboard, the virtual keyboard becomes inactive.
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    I tried to add a screenshot from the site, but I think uploading pics doesnt work here. Anyway, via facebook I play this game called Castle age. To battle other people, you have to press a button to start the duel. When this button is pressed the keyboard pops up every time.
    Doing about 50 times a fight in a few minutes, the keyboard pops up 50 times and hides again after 3 seconds.Pretty annoying, thats why I would like the keyboard to be on perma-hide.
    Clicking it away is a solution, but doesnt solve my problem since after pressing the next battle button (5 sec. later) it's there again.
    Never mind, if I can not hide it then I have my answer.

    Thank anyway for the quick response
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    That response may be part of the site you are on...the site is telling the iPad it expects input when you touch the button, so the iPad brings up the keyboard.

    Perhaps you should give Apple feedback on this, a need to disable the keyboard:

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    Thanks Ralph,

    I will do that, so maybe in the future they can make an option to disable the keyboard. For now I deal with it and close the discussion