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When I upgraded all the household computers to Snow Leopard, we lost the ability to communicate with our old LaserWriter 600/4 because Snow Leopard doesn't support AppleTalk. Who knew? A solution appeared when my father replaced his Mac Mini with a new MB. Leopard was installed on his Mini, and that could talk to the LaserWriter, and our Snow Leopard computers could now see the LaserWriter. Once I set it up, I disconnected monitor/keyboard/mouse. For a few days, we can print to LaserWriter no problem. Then suddenly we can't. I set up the Mini to never go to sleep. It connects wirelessly to our AirPort. When I reconnected monitor, etc - we got the printer back. It just doesn't stay working like its supposed to when the Mini is tucked away in a cabinet. Any ideas or suggestions for keeping it connected? What is being lost - the connection to the airport? Or is it refusing to stay awake?

2009 MB Pro 13", Mac OS X (10.6.4), FW Port has Returned!