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I am looking to purchase an iMac G5 MA590LL, A1208 Core 2 Duo 2 Gig (not sure of the OS yet) privately for about $500.00 Canadian. What is your view of this machine, is the price inline, are there any significant problems with this machine. I am currently using an iMac G4/800 running Tiger, essentially looking for more power + built-in iSight camera. I am fairly new to Macs, not much of a techie, not of the computer generation so I always want to research before making this type of purchase. Thanks, Ken.

iMac G4/800, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 768 megs of ram, dsl internet
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    First, this iMac is NOT a G5, but an Intel iMac (G5's were Power PCs). Here are the specs for the model you are talking about:


    I'd say from a quick check of ebay completed auctions, the price is a bit high for a four year old computer out of warranty. It appears to have come with Mac OS Tiger (10.4). If you decide on it, make sure you get the original install discs - I wouldn't consider it if they weren't included.

    You'd get more power of course, but I'd add another $100 or so and go for a much more powerful 20" 2.4 GHz, model MA877LL from 2008 - I just saw one on the local craigslist for US $600. This one should suit your needs for some time.
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    Hi Ken

    I'll side with Barbara, $500 is a little on the high side for a 4 year old 17" iMac. $400 is more inline for a 17" models of that era, providing that the original install disks are included and everything is in perfect working order.

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    Thanks Barbara. That $500.00 is just a starting negotiating price for me. Getting the Tiger OS disk is a given, although I have an original for my G4. I suspect the seller might be using either 10.5 or 10.6. EveryMac suggests the price is $700-850 US but you can usually cut their prices in half. PowerMax is selling them, without the disk, key + mouse for $719.00. I am in an area about 50 miles north of Toronto, where there are a lot of computers, including Macs of all sorts for sale all the time, so I am in no hurry. Because of this availability, I never buy from either Ebay or Craigslist, I like to see them before buying. Thanks, Ken.
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    Just a note here for clarification: you will not be able to use the disks from your old computer - install disks are machine specific unless they are a genuine retail copy.

    Powermax is one of my favorite places and I've purchased several things there; however, their used Macs are overpriced.
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    Barbara. My Tiger install disk is the genuine retail copy so it will work on all machines. I was checking a number of active Ebay auctions, notice that most come without one or other of key, mighty mouse, remote, disk. Put those items together with shipping, close to $600.00 US. Powermax price at least for the iMac I am looking at is a joke, $719.00 without a key, mighty mouse, remote, Tiger OS disk + shipping, which is not even available to Canada. I will report back if successful.
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    Barbara. My Tiger install disk is the genuine retail copy so it will work on all machines.

    It won't work on an Intel-based Mac. Apple never released a retail copy of Tiger for Intel systems. 10.5 was the first retail release that would work on any Intel-based Mac. Otherwise you'll need the original systems disk for that iMac (late 2006) model. So as Barbara suggest, confirm that it comes either with the original system disk (wise to have in any case) or a retail version of 10.5 or 10.6.

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    Thanks Dave, this discussion has become academic, someone got to the seller before I was able to get back to her, it's off the market. Thanks all for your input, now I know that I have to check for a 10.5/10.6 disk for an Intel iMac. That's why these forums are great, I always learn something new. Thanks again, Ken.