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This is a repeat of an earlier question. It got 335 views but not a single reaction. That seldom happens in this forum. Does it mean there IS no answer, no batch rename option? Or?
I try again, so here is the problem:

Importing cd's makes a mess of my song title format.
The most common problem is a mix of cases: Proper Case (Capital for each new word) is the most common, but sometimes it's all lower case or all upper case. Especially the last one requires a lot of typing, title by title. Using an external renaming program does not affect the titles within iTunes. Is there a way to do that?
Similar problem often happens to classical music. Some cd's mention the composer and/or performer in the title field, followed by the 'song' (track name). I want to delete the composer/performer or transfer them to the appropriate fields. Can I do that in one 'batch rename' action within iTunes?

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