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I created my first website in iWeb 09, and it includes embedded music in MP3 files (playing via quicktime), as well as written music in PDF format, and is hosted on Mobile Me.. It works very well on iPhone when accessed via the direct Mobile Me address. One cool feature is that when accessing the PDF files, they open very nicely and an option is presented to go to iBook to read them. However, I also have a domain with URL forwarding enabled to the Mobile Me address. When accessed on iPhone via the domain, the size of the pages is reduced and the PDF files do not display correctly or provide the iBook option. There is no difference in appearance when accessed either way on a full sized computer. Has anybody seen this before, and does anybody know how to resolve this problem? Should I use a CNAME entry on my domain with the domain name in my Mobile Me account settings? There is probably an easy answer to this, but I am a complete rookie on this and not seeing it.

1st generation aluminum macbook and imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1
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    I should add that the problem occurs with URL forwarding enabled in stealth mode with URL masking. If I do standard URL forwarding without masking the mobile me address, then everything works perfectly on an iphone. I have tried to get the CNAME option to work with the domain name entered in mobile me account settings and have not been successful. I made need to add a period at the end of the CNAME entry. It's a pain to verify, because it takes about 4 hours for domain changes to replicate across nameservers and be active.