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My lower memory slot failed again recently and so I am having performance issues. I was trying to compress a 4 minute HD video for Vimeo and it was taking more than 10 days to process! In any event, our power went out today and so my computer shut down while I was compressing the file (I was at a little over 60%!) When I restarted the computer and opened compressor and batch monitor back up, the batch had simply vanished! The destination for the file was my desktop and I searched around but cannot find it anywhere. I really don't want to have to start the whole process over again and so I was wondering if anyone here could tell me where I can find the batch that was in process. In the compressor history the status of the file reads simply 'unknown'

PB15 1.67GHz/2GB, AEBS,4GB iPod,G-Raid 320GB (FW800)HD, Mac OS X (10.4.11), writing from an external Lacie drive