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I have been struggling with this problem for weeks and have spent a significant amount of time trying to diagnose and fix without success.

When I select “Check for Available Downloads” through iTunes, I receive a “Network Connection Timeout” message and iTunes fails to download any information. It does ask me to validate my access with a password before it fails.

This problem initially occurred after I purchased the iTunes Plus updates for my music library. It backlogged about 70 updates that are now sitting in the queue to be downloaded to my local iTunes library. However, since I made that purchase, I have not successfully been able to do any downloads from the iTunes store. I suspect that the volume of items in the queue is related to the problem (as a trigger or the cause).

I have also tried to buy a single song. Although the purchase is successful (it charges my card and adds the song to the download queue), it doesn’t successfully download the song. I cannot, at this time, even get to a point where I can display a list of the queue for download. It always fails when trying to access that available download queue.

Podcast downloads still work fine through iTunes. I have never had problems with the store before and have done very large downloads (e.g. audio books) in the past. I have had no changes to my configuration leading up to this problem.
I am running a relatively new computer with a clean install of Windows 7, plenty of memory and very fast processors. I’ve got high capacity DSL. The connection is wired from the router into my network card (not wireless).

I have tried a number of things as noted below and the problem still occurs:

1. Confirmed access to internet, and ability to download from other web sites without timeout
2. Confirmed my ability to access the iTunes store, change my personal information, browse songs
3. Confirmed ability to download podcasts
4. Deactivated my windows firewall, antivirus and Net nanny content protection.
5. Deactivated the router firewall, and placed my PC in the DMZ of the router (which means that it should be wide open to the external network).
6. Swapped out the DSL modem for a different DSL modem and completely removed the router from the configuration.
7. Checked my drivers on the network card and made sure they are up to date.
8. Ran Windows 7 network diagnostics – no problems detected
9. Ran iTunes network diagnostics – no problems detected
10. Uninstalled all software related to iTunes and reinstalled most current versions (iTunes, Quicktime, Bonjur, etc.)


Asus P6T, Windows 7