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I've seen related topics on this forum, but the question does not seem to be answered, unless I missed it in the list.
I get applications coded quickly for PoC purposes or Demo purposes on my iPhone. But the problem is I cannot do a good demo of this to a room full of people. I can use a simulator, but people today doubt that as really possible.
Proof is when I do the demo from iPhone and unfortunately my coders do not write for doing specific APIs to enable TVOUT on every individual app. Same is true for most of the apps on iPhone.
Question is if I want to do a demo of an app from my iPhone, how do I project what is happening on the phone without necessarily doing a TVOUT API everytime. Can I download a free app for say facebook or train bookings and show how easy it is by connecting to a projector or something?
The only answer I've heard so far is to use Veency by doing Jailbreak of the phone which I don't want to do.
Experts please reply.

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