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JaniyaSayl Level 1 (0 points)
I went to download an app off the app store (a free sudoku game) and the loading/downloading went strange (Not moving, icon was grey) so I restarted the phone. When it started back up, I had no service, and it didn't want to recognize my carrier. I can access the internet because of wifi, but I cant send or receive texts or phone calls. Any ideas? I've tried removing the SIM card (twice) restarting the phone (too many times to count) and now I'm about to reset it to factory settings. Any ideas at all?

HP, Windows 7
  • JaniyaSayl Level 1 (0 points)
    As well, when I go into settings>general>about it says network not available, and when I select it, it tells me "Phone not allowed."
  • sn4p2k Level 4 (1,215 points)
    if its telling you phone not aloud I would contact your carrier was the phone stolen it almost sounds like the phone has been banned from the network..
  • JaniyaSayl Level 1 (0 points)
    It definitely shouldnt have been, I bought it directly from a telus store..
  • JaniyaSayl Level 1 (0 points)
    So if anyone ever has this problem, call your carrier and see if any of their tricks work. In my case, it's probably the SIM card, and I'll have to go into a store tomorrow and have it replaced. What can you do xD
  • JaniyaSayl Level 1 (0 points)
    Call your carrier; if that doesn't work, take it in...hopefully it doesn't fail late in the evening!
  • tgan12345 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Janiya,

    I'm experiencing the same problem. Initially I thought my mobile only experience this problem in another country. But I was wrong, when i'm back home I still encountered 'No Service' error, can't even load the network list.

    I don't think the phone is barred from the carrier since I bought it directly from Apple store. I had tried using another sim card and it still does not work.

    It mostly has something to do with the iOS software.
  • kone4 Level 1 (0 points)
    I experience the same problem. On mu Iphone 4 after 3 days with my current sim card the Iphone displays No Service. If I put the sim card into another phone there is no problem and everything works just fine. I've tried resetting the phone into factory defaults but still the same. It just won't connect to anything exept wi-fi.

    Anyone got any idea what is wrong ?
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    Hi sn4p2k and others,


    I am also experiencing a similar problem.


    iPhone 4 purchased from Apple store 5 months ago.

    No issues until suddenly "No Service"

    Have tried a new sim from the carrier - did not fix the issue.

    Have tried another carriers sim which I know works in another iPhone - did not work in my iPhone.

    I've done a network reset - did not fix the issue.

    Have done a soft reset - did not fix the issue.

    I Have done a Hard Reset - this did not fix the issue.

    I will try to do a Reset using iTunes - as above I don't think this is going to work.

    I will try a factory reset - not looking forward to doing this, but if this is what is required to fix the isue then so be it.


    But my other problem is - what caused this issue and what is to stop it from happening again?


    ANY ideas/information would be greatly appreciated regarding the above issue.



  • mehvesh iqbal Level 1 (0 points)


    I just started facing the same problem. I tried using my aim in another iPhone and it works perfectly on that.


    Has anybody found a solution to this problem.


    Any update on this matter would be highly appreciated.


    Awaiting a kind prompt and positive reply



  • dannon319 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Everyone,


    I had the same problem last night. I noticed the iPhone  (iPhone 4, iOS 5.0) was taking a very long time to check for emails, so I rebooted the phone. When it came back on, I had 3 bars of signal but no carrier name by the signal bars. I tried calling my number, it rang, but the phone wasn't ringing. I then removed the sim card and put it into another phone which worked fine when called.


    I believe this to be a problem with the iOS software as a restore of the iPhone seems to have resolved the issues... for now.


    If anyone come across this problem, the only thing that seems to fix it is a factory restore of the iPhone.


    Hope this helps.

  • aneagle Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everybody,


    I have similar problem, after 3 days restoring several times the problem is not solved. I got no service, searching, 1 dot signal level and tried to switch on and off airplane mode several times, sometime by chance it started to scan the carriers. What I noticed is the popup "NO SIM..." doesn't show up when I eject the SIM card, no change when I insert it. So it means the phone doesn't detect SIM removal or insert. I search Google and found out the 3 outer contacts are connected together for a short time for every SIM removal or insert, that tells the system about the state change. The copper strip accross the sim is GND and connected to 1 of the 3 outer contacts should touch the other 2 contacts for a split of a second to send the state change signal. By gently bending up these 3 contacts a little I got the "NO SIM..." popup back and did fix the problem. 

  • Lozzeepie Level 1 (0 points)


    Having quite similar problems. My phone shows no service all the time and I can't receive or send messages or phone calls. No matter where I am it never connects and I've talked to Orange and all the advice they've given me hasn't worked. Another thing is, in the settings there is no carrier option like there should be. This ont started happening since I downloaded iOS5. If anyone has found a way to solve this please let me know? Or if anyone has had similar problems?

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    Having the same problem here. Suddently the iPhone 4 losses the signal from the carrier and there is nothing I can do about it. I tried to go on airplain mode many times and turned off the iphone but nothing changes. If I take the SIM out the iPhone does not reconize there is no SIM while my SIM works fine in another iPhone. The problem is that

    - I cannot make phone calls / send sms etc.

    - If i try to make a phone call, the phone app blocks

    - If somebody calls me the it seems like I'm available but my iphone does not ring at all


    I went to the genius bar at the apple store and they did not what to do. They just changed me the iPhone gving me a new one.


    Went back home and restored the iPhone from a back-up and THE PROBLEM WAS STILL THERE. This means its a software issue.


    The only thing that worked was to restore the iPhone as new. All my contacts and calendars were restored thanks to iCloud. I resync my apps in the iPhone and everithing seemed to work fine. After few days THE PROBLEM SHOWED UP AGAIN!!  I called Apple but they did not know what to do. THe told me to remove all the app and see if it solved the problem. nothing. I had to restore my iPhone as new again.

    Now I'm running my iPhone with no apps. I think there is one app that cause the problem but i do not know which one.


    Does anyone have solved this very frustrating issue. it seems there is no way out. I'm really ****** off.

    please help!!!

  • Cengizbond Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello All. I live in Denmark and i have the same problem. I have some other experiences i want to share with you guys. 

    First of all, i bought the phone from a friend, who bought it from a tele-store about 2 years ago. So its not stolen. I bought the phone last year, and it worked like the first 1-2 weeks then it said No signal and "phone not allowed". I tried everything from changing sim, restoring, to replacing the phone parts. Nothing worked, so i gave up. I left it under my bed like 8-9 months and just realized 2 weeks ago that i had an iphone 3gs. So i charged the phone, inserted the sim: Searching... Searching... 1 bar (no carrier name)... 1 bar (TDC mobile) .... 4 bars TDC mobile.


    I couldnt believe my eyes. Immidiatly i called my friend to see if it worked and it seemed to do so. I went to the phone store to buy some accesories(cases chargers etc.) and spend like 100$. Then i came home, and the signal was gone again, it went back to the same "NO SERVICE" state, and also settings->general->about->phone not allowed. I started crying and cutting myself, i began to talk with the iphone, i heard voices in my head and saw dead people. I freaked out. I thought maybe i just need to update the firmware to 5.0.1? so Thats what i did, i updated the firmware, it showed me the welcome screen (where you have to select the language etc.) and i inserted the sim, and it gave me "1 bar TDC mobile" and a "congratulations, your phone is activated" screen on itunes. I smiled and went through the welcome thing, and in the end i had to Agree on the terms and user agreement thing, so i clicked "i have read and agree on...... bla bla bla" and right when i clicked that, the phone went back to NO SIGNAL. I started laughing... It has depressed me so much, i think i got iphonephobia, i see iphones in my dreams.


    If anyone, i dont care who it is, has found a solution for this, please contact me.

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