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GDawson Level 1 Level 1
When I sync my iPhone 4, I get an iTunes error stating "iTunes could not copy "song" to the iPhone "iPhone" because the file could not be converted. It happens with only one song. There seems to be nothing unusual about that song; other songs from that album sync normally, and this has never happened with any other song file.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1
  • Jolly Giant Level 7 Level 7
    GDawson wrote:
    It happens with only one song.

    what are the specs of this song ?

    in iTunes, +get info+ on it and check the summary tab



  • michaelyang Level 1 Level 1
    I am also having a similar problem with multiple songs.

    Here is an example of one:

    Sorry, I don't know how to attach an image to this post.
  • redpola Level 1 Level 1
    Me too. I have 51 songs which won't sync to my iPod.

    None of them are protected. All are m4a AAC encoded files. All have sample rate 44.1KHz and bit rates "around" 190kbps (I say "around" meaning between about 187 and 192kbps).

    Aside from that there is no commonality. Different artists, different filenames, different file sizes, different file dates, different metadata, even different sources (some CD, some direct download from artist, some just from random sources).

    I'm at a loss as to why these files won't encode to 128kbps for my iPod.

  • fadzilahfadzil Level 1 Level 1
    yes, also having the same problem. only affecting 2 songs. change name and everything but still the same. the summary are all same.
  • paramanand Level 1 Level 1
    I went into the iPhone section and unticked the "convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbps AAC"
    works now fine
  • turchinski Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem with 15 of my songs as well, some of which are Purchased AAC right from the iTunes store. It only happens when I select "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbps AAC"


    I don't want to unselect it because I am trying to save space on my iPhone. Hopefully Apple comes out with a fix soon.

  • dunkshot225 Level 1 Level 1

    I messed around with the settings and found the simplest solution was this... Uncheck the 'convert to 128" option and sync the offending songs. They should work after that, then recheck the "convert to 128" box. It will mean that the songs in questions won't be converted, but the amount of space for a few songs is negligible. Seems the easiest work around for right now.

  • Michael Prewitt Level 1 Level 1

    I tried dunkshot225's suggestion, but when syncing it seems to want to resync all the songs that were previously converted to 128 kbps AAC. It won't merely sync the previously un-synced songs, which is two songs in my case.

  • Michael Prewitt Level 1 Level 1

    In my case, out of 2401 songs I'm putting on my iPhone 4, there are 2 that won't sync. I get the same error reported by GDawson. The two songs that won't sync are in MP3 format, and belong to an album spanning 3 discs with 50 songs; the other 48 convert and sync just fine. Here are the details of one of those songs:


    Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 1.13.02 PM.png

  • Prodo123 Level 1 Level 1


    Same issue! There's 4 songs but this one bothers me a lot. It's in Apple Lossless (since iTunes does not take FLAC). Part of a Slayer album directly ripped from CD, then converted to ALAC.


    I thought it was the extreme bit rate at first, but seeing that the rest of my 2,400 song 800Kbps+ library syncs fine, I knew it couldn't be the issue.


    I'm replacing all of my songs in MP3/4 into Apple Lossless files, so the other 3 songs will be replaced by highest quality CD rips. I hope those songs do not cause trouble like this.


    Finally, the option that causes the problem while syncing is the "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128Kbps AAC". I have this enabled, otherwise my 100GB music collection won't fit on my iPhone! So simply turning it off is not an option for me.


    The song was encoded on a Windows computer before my switch to Mac, using dbpoweramp.


    Has anyone found a fix?

  • Tim Francis Level 1 Level 1

    Not a fix but a work around....


    Open the track in Quicktime, then go to File / Export. This will convert the track to an m4a file which you can then bring back into iTunes and it will sync ok. You will need to locate the file once imported back into iTunes as the metadata will have been lost.

  • acseven Level 1 Level 1



    Use this tool to fix the mp3 file, and then it will sync.


    MP3 Validator



  • redpola Level 1 Level 1

    mp3val doesn't validate m4a files.

  • acseven Level 1 Level 1

    true. sorry, I thought it was a mp3 issue (had the same using itunes for windows). 

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