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Have hooked up Apple TV2G to Sharp Aquos LC32GD3 TV. Works nicely streaming content from iTunes on MacBook, Internet and MobileMe, BUT there is NO audio.
No HDMI port on the TV, so it's connected via DVI-I and an apple HDMI adapter.( Visuals are good so no problem with that part of the set up I guess). Although the TV is not the latest model, it does have optical audio and that appears to working as there are lights at both ends of the cable.
Have tried re-setting AppleTV. Tried various settings on the Television, but nothing. Tried connecting an optical adapter to a head phone jack to see if anything coming out of Apple TV, but nothing out of there either.

Any ideas gratefully received. Many thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    The optical audio port on your TV is probably an output.
    You should only see light in one connector, that is the transmitter (where the sound comes from), the receiver (where the sound goes to) should be dark.

    HDMI supports sound, but DVI-I does not. To get the sound you need either a HDMI port on your TV or to send the sound through an amplifier with an optical input.

    Does your TV not have any HDMI ports at all?
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    Tom, thanks for your comments. Light is coming from the only optical on the TV, as well as the Apple TV, so you must be right that it is actually an output, and hence no sound.
    TV is about 7-8 years old, so doesn't have HDMI ports and therefore is connected to DVI-I. I wondered if anyone out there was in a similar situation, i.e. not using the very latest TV, and had worked out how to get sound out of the Apple TV. It doesn't need to be of the highest quality, but I would like to be able to hear something! Many thanks.
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    Did a Google search, and yes, the optical port on your Sharp is an optical digital out port...


    Your TV does have a 'PC' 3.5 stereo plug input, but that is for an analog signal- not an optical digital one.

    This means that your options are severely limited to get sound out of your AppleTV. Assuming that you do not want to buy a new TV, the easiest and cheapest way is probably to just purchase a stereo amp, or mini-deck with optical inputs, and connect the optical audio cable to your AppleTV. Simply turn it on whenever you want to listen to AppleTV content. A cheap stereo deck might set you back 10,000 yen or so.
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    Thanks for your ideas. TV cost about 700,000 yen when it came out so and is still perfectly good, so don't really want to buy a new one.
    The TV does have a 3.5 stereo plug and it works fine when connecting a MacMini for example. I bought an Optical to 3.5 plug adapter to connect the optical port from the AppleTV and tried that but it doesn't work for some reason.
    I do have a stereo with optical ports but it is about 15 meters away from the AppleTV (a bit impractical to hook up-do they sell cables of such lengths, anyway?). I will have to consider getting another, as you suggest, but it seems odd that I cannot connect the TV audio system up somehow.
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    What you need is something likes this: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Digital-Optical-Coax-Analog-RCA-Audio-Converter-/19046918 6433?pt=AUElectronics_Accessories_Wires_Cables&hash=item2c58d92381#ht_3432wt906

    Don't know how well it works and it is almost half the price of the Apple TV.
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    Lots of helpful ideas but still haven't managed to get the sound working.
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    Hello Tom, thanks for that idea. I actually, tried to buy something similar. Took the details into Yodabashi camera in Akihabara and they suggested the optical mini adapter which plugs into the optical port on the Apple TV. It then plugs into a 3.5 line, which goes into the TV. Still, not a sound. Will go to Akihabara again soon and try and find the gadget you suggest, and see if it works. Thanks again for your input!