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  • Le Artista Level 1 (0 points)
    This is RIDICULOUS!
  • Le Artista Level 1 (0 points)
    This is RIDICULOUS ! We are now getting the same problem. Our iTunes is updated and all was well until very recently. I bought my wife a new 5th gen Nano. We had no problems with the recognition,Windows or iTunes we get "You must be a member of the Administrators group on this computer to install this hardware:
    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver"
    My older Nano is recognized with no probs,,what is going on???????????????
  • --Peter Level 1 (15 points)
    What you describe is not related to above problem.

    The administrator problem happens somewhere on Apples servers, not locally on the PC (or any other platform using a web browser).

    -- Peter
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    This is apparently a Game Center problem. There must be somewhere that the Game Center screen names can be managed.


    If anyone from Apple is monitoring this discussion may I suggest that you come up with an answer, a help link, or something because my solution to this problem is to not allow my child to use Game Center.

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    Hmm, where did the "edit" option go? It was there before. Oh well. And when did I give Apple permission to set up a discussion account for me? When I came to this discussion Apple went into my profile and took my first name and location and created a screen name for this discussion without asking my permission. Shame on them!


    While this does not affect most of the people here, as of Oct. 17, 2011, Apple was have user id and password problems associated with the move to iCloud.


    For those with Game Center issues. It appears that Nicknames in Game Center only apply to the account on the iPod and do not show up in the AppleID account online that is associated with the e-mail that is associated with the Nickname. However, the password for that AppleID is the password for the Nickname. So if you have changed the password online for the AppleID then the password for the Nickname in Game Center is changed.


    I have yet to find someplace online (not on the iPod) where I can edit Game Center information or see the details of the Game Center account.


    And I haven't found anyplace with any help for Game Center. Apple's philosphy seems to be:

    Our stuff is intuitive. So we don't need to provide any help.

    Only one person at a time will be using any of our hardware so we don't need to allow the same e-mail to be used as the contact for more that one account.

    If someone has a problem it is easier for them to simply set up a new account than for us provide any support or information on how to fix their problem.


    Very frustrating for parents who actually care about what their children are doing online. I stick by my previous statement. If I can't fix a problem or monitor my child's usage the solution is to prevent them from using it. And in the future that means not buying Apple products.

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    We're pretty sure we figured out the problem.  When my daughter's set up their IPads originally we put their information in as their Apple ID. My sister thought maybe it was a problem with my daughters being so young (similar to an email address not being allowed because they are too young).  We set everything up under my name and it worked perfectly. 


    Apple Support recommended we use fake birth years if we want to set up Apple IDs for my daughters so that is the plan today.  The minimum age is 14 that is allowed.


    Hope this helps!!

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    hollyfromorlando is correct. I had the same problem with my first iPad2, fuss around for more than an hour eventually realized it was because I setup the iPad using my daughter's information(It's a gift for her), and she was underage. After I created a new account(on iTune, not on iPad) using my own info, everything resolved.


    I am very disappointed with this iPad, That error msg made no sense at all, why can't they just say: "you are too young to install any program, please ask your parent to login" or something like that? This is not the only problem I have had with this iPad, in numerous occastions, the error msg given by Apple usually make no sense at all. As a programmer myself I think this is the worst piece of software I have ever used!

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    I just bought an iPod Touch and I was receiving the same message.  Have you already registered your iPod through iTunes?  I was not registered and I resolved it by doing the following:  First log into your home computer through an administrator account.  Start iTunes and register (download iTunes if you don't have it and I had my iPod connected to the computer although it might not be necessary).  Register as though you do not have an apple ID.  You will be asked for an e-mail address, password, credit card info, etc..  I'm not totally sure but the e-mail address might need to be the same one you entered on your iPod when you initially booted it up.  After you complete the registration process and go to download apps from your iPod use the e-mail address and password that you entered during registration.  This worked for me.

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    And yes, the birth year does matter although I'm not sure what minimum age is required.

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    This error is due to being underage.  Must be over 13.  You can modify your date of birth by visiting then click Manage your Account.  Once logged in go to Password and Security on the left hand side.  DOB is at the bottom.

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    I too got this error both on my mac as well os on my iphone. I called up the customer care. But they could not give me a correct solution. I faced this problem for a day. My user name and password started working correctly after a day. Don't know what to do if this comes up again. Not sure if apple has found a workaround on this.

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    The ID needs to be an email address. The one you used for your Apple ID. I personally created and account, using a non-email address. It seemed to accept it. It even rejected a few names, then finally accepted one. It never requested an email address (that I remember). My solution was to create a new Apple ID, and for the ID, use my email address. Everything worked fine after that. The error message was totally worthless in helping to resolve that. I found this answer on another forum.


    The other hitch was that I tried to create an account for my 8 year old daughter. Not eligible. But it did not say why. And if the problem was the age, it did not say the minimum age required

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    You can change your appleID to be an email address format by going to then clicking Manage Your Account.  Once upon a time apple used to allow usernames that were not email addresses but this has changed.  These old "usename only" ID's can still be used for the itunes store and app store but will not work for iCloud, Facetime, or iMessage.

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    Libin1same feeling here. This is ******* no sense. I wish someone from Apple read this forum information. I first used my son's birthday and during the process I realized from some message that it might be not right so I switched to my birthday. It's still give me me the error message you guys described. I will try to create a new account. But why can't i modify vs create a new one? This is my first ipad. I've been a software developer for over 10 years. I can't believe they build such a piece of junk software. Moving to Mac world,  No way. I am returning this toy and get Android based tablet if it fails again.

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    tried to create a new account with my info. got error message saying i can't create new account because my age doesn't meet minimum age requirement. haha, i am over 35