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Help me guys! I bought SSD OCZ Vertex 2 120Gb and format it to HFS+ with help of external HDD-box. Then I put SSD to my mac and tried to install from scratch Snow Leopard from DVD (C button on startup). But Mac freezed on white screen. I couldt install from DVD – it freeze with error on screen!

Then I put back my old HDD to the Mac and it can boot normally!
First I thought that its problem of SSD. But no! Another HDD which I insert in my Mac cant boot too. My Mac Mini 2010 CAN LIVE ONLY WITH NATIVE HDD...

What Im gonna do to make my Mac Mini work with SSD or simply with another HDD?

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    First thing to check is to try booting with DVD with original drive
    installed by holding down the C key. If that doesn't work, then
    reboot with the original drive and DVD and hold down the option key.
    Wait until the accessible volumes appear on the screen.

    If the first doesn't work and the DVD as a choice does not appear
    in the second test, then boot from the original hard drive and in
    system profiler, see if the DVD/CD drive is present.

    This can narrow down if you have a bad DVD or a DVD drive problem.

    As for the other hard drive, there can be a variety of reasons why it doesn't
    boot, one of which is that it has a version of the OS older than what
    the Mini supports.
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    are you using a dvd that came with you Mini or a stand alone SL DVD?

    if its the ones that came with it then this may be the issue.