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It has been sometimes since I synced my iPad to itunes and when I recently did, it took too long to backup my iPad and its taking too much space on my hard drive! It never happened to me previously...

I only have about 10gB left in my PC and after leaving it for nearly 3 hours, it ate up all my space in my hard drive and yet it prompted it was not able to fully backup my iPad due to insufficient space!

I dont have much apps installed on my ipad. To name a few ones like Goodreader, Flipboard, Cool Hunting, OPlayerHD and MobileRSSHD....

Can someone advice me how much space is exactly required to backup my iPad or there is actually something wrong it it?

I have only used up to less than 10gB on my iPad for videos, movies and photos..

I'm on iPad OS 3.2.2, 64gB, Wifi + 3G

any advice would really be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10

    I only have about 10gB left in my PC

    You need to free up space on the PC startup disk in order to sync your iPad, instructions here.

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    My last 3 iPad backups were 800 MB, 900 MB and 1 GB. I hope I don't end up like you

    You can find your last backup in c/users/ nameofyouraccount /appdata/roaming/apple computer/mobile sync/backup
    If you have more then one backup and you don't need them (or have them backed up somewhere else) you can delete them, but I advise to do this in iTunes --> Edit --> Preferences --> Devices. There you can see all backups for all your devices by date and delete the ones you don' need.
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    In certain apps, you actually drag files into the app. eg. Goodreader, Goodplayer. I think it actually adds up the memory space in Apps, especially if you store many big video files. Just a guess

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    If you only have 10GB of space left on your hard drive you're probably having a lot of issues with unresponsiveness that have nothing to do with your iPad. Your only real solution is to either get a larger disk or get rid of a bunch of programs and data. In my experience hard drives (and operating systems) begin to bog down once they have less than 10%-15% or so of free space available.