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  • akaushik Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys, thanks for all your useful advice. Unfortunately, this time nothing is working.


    I have an iPhone 4s. I put it on charge at night (using the same wall charger and socket that I always do) and when I woke up in the morning the phone was very very hot and the screen was blank. I tried to switch it back on by using the home+sleep button technique but all it did was vibrate from time to time (while the screen continued to be blank). I left the phone for a few hours and it cooled down. Then I tried to charge it again using another socket for the wall charger and the phone again overheated. The screen was still blank and the sporadic vibrating continued. One time the phone even rang,but the screen remained blank so there was nothing I could do. After leaving it off charge for some time, the phone again cooled down. Its been a couple of days now, but the phone is still not coming back on and the screen is still blank. Now it has even stopped vibrating. Please tell me what I can do. I am completely dependent on the iPhone and have a lot of data on it.


    I have a valid Apple Protection Plan so I am considering taking it to Apple, but is there anything I can do before that?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,985 points)

    It sounds like a hardware failure. Let Apple replace it. Even if you could somehow get it working as it is you would never quite trust it again.

  • MakennaOrvis Level 1 (0 points)

    My Iphone 4 will not turn on, Ive tried everything, and i mean everything.

    I went to go shower and i left my phone on the bathroom counter with music playing. All of the sudden my phone turned off and will not turn back on. Im waiting on important calls and I need help ASAP (: thanks.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,985 points)

    If it has condensation in the phone it may be dead. The very best thing to do is put it in a sealed plastic bag full of rice (a 1 qt bag) and leave it for 4 days. That may dry it out sufficiently.


    If you can't want that long and are willing to take a chance on killing it for good (if it isn't already) charge it for 15 minutes with the wall charger, then hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons at the same time. If it is still working an Apple logo will appear after about 10 seconds; then release the buttons. If an Apple logo does not appear hold for up to 30 seconds. If nothing happens still the phone is probably damaged.

  • Jaylilliman Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,

    My Iphone stopped working and ive been looking all this advice. The only problem i have is my top button wont work as its been jammed for around a year, is there any other ways to try and make it work have some important stuff i need to get off the phone?

  • Potenza Level 1 (0 points)

    hello jaylilliman i have found a way to rreboot your phone, my Iphone 4 has went black and i tried turning it on and it wont work. What i did was i slight banged it with my palm on the top left and right side bottom and side with the apple logo, i then hit both lock and home button and it started to turn on.l

  • Potenza Level 1 (0 points)

    try slightly hitting it on the top bottom left and right side and the the side with the apple logo, then click and hold the lock button for a sec and same with the home button

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,985 points)

    Or you could just have followed the advice already posted in this message thread, which can also be foun in the manual.

  • wolf0x13 Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately I think you missed when Jaylilliman said their lock button is broken. I'm in this same situation. My lock button is jammed, for the second time, so I refused to spend another $200 to replace it when I haven't even had the phone for a year. I cannot get my phone to turn back on. It was working, I placed it down on my dresser, and not even an hour later it won't turn on. But when you call it from another phone it rings, but my phone does nothing, just off still. Again, I DO NOT HAVE A WORKING LOCK BUTTON, so telling me to plug it in and hold home/lock is pointless. Does anyone have any OTHER solution? Please and thank you.

  • Kayteighalice Level 1 (0 points)

    My iphone 4 was on 97% and it was plugged in on charge  and then suddenly it just switched off and now it hasnt been on for a day, have i over heated the battery and made the battery useless now and will i need a replacement or will it come back on because it was on good charge before it all happened and ive tried holding doen sleep button for good few seconds


    Serious help now cause i dont know if ive over chargered it and worn the bTtery out :( if so can  it be replaced or where the headphones are is that hole next to it a restart button??

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,985 points)

    Have you tried resetting the phone by holding the HOME and SLEEP buttons at the same time until an Apple logo appears? You may have to hold for up to 20 seconds.

  • faith0 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey i was browsing this discussion and noticed that you gave good answers to those who asked you. I would just like to ask if my iphone is really that dead (hopeless) when it wont open unless it is plugged in an outlet and when i plug it, it shows DFU mode. I tried restoring it but an error occurred. What can be my problem? I hope you can really help me out thank you in advance!!

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,985 points)

    It sounds like your battery needs to be replaced. There may be other problems also. You need to connect it to your computer using a USB port directly on the computer (not a USB hub). Disconnect all other USB devices except keyboard or mouse. You should then be able to restore it using DFU mode. If you get an error message post the error number, or look it up here:


    If you are able to restore it while connected as I have described it just needs a new battery. An Apple store will replace it for $79. Independent dealers will do it for less, and, if you are handy with small electronics, you can probably do it yourself for $10-$20 using a kit available online from many sources. Note that if you go any route other than the Apple store you will not be able to get Apple to fix it in the future as opening the phone voids Apple's warranty and their repair services.


    If the phone has ever been jailbroken it may not be repairable. And, depending on the error message if DFU restore doesn't complete, you may have other hardware problems. But doing what I described will help you diagnose the problem.

  • emjadecx Level 1 (0 points)

    you're an absolute lifesaver, did this and it came on straight away without any difficulties, thank you

  • RDalton93 Level 1 (0 points)

    I Literally just had the same problem and I thought my mophie pack fried my phone. also, I didn't have to plug mine into the computer to turn it back on. I think you just need to hold the buttons for ten seconds, the sync to iTunes window will pop up, then just turn it off and repeat. It should work just fine